“Hours after Apple released its low-cost 21.5-inch iMac on Wednesday, a teardown of the all-in-one desktop reveals users will be unable to easily upgrade system memory as the compute’s RAM modules are soldered onto the logic board,” AppleInsider reports.

“In a follow-up to its teardown of Apple’s latest iMac model, Mac reseller Other World Computing found the $1,099 machine comes with soldered-on memory, meaning users are stuck with the 8GB of RAM installed at the factory,” AppleInsider reports. “While memory is not a configurable option, the new model can be fitted with a 1TB hard drive for an extra $50, while an additional $250 buys a 1TB Fusion Drive or 250GB SSD.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Those who would opt for this entry-level machine (think school systems) will be fine with 8GB for quite some time and are not the type of customer concerned with upgrading RAM.

If you want a Mac with upgradeable RAM, buy a Mac with upgradable RAM.

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