“Social pinboarding site Pinterest today announced that it has picked up two notable new hires, both longtime Apple alums, to head up its Engineering and Design departments,” Sarah Perez reports for TechCrunch.

“Michael Lopp, who was previously a director of engineering at Palantir, will head Engineering; Bob Baxley, the former Director of Design for the Apple Online Store, will become the Head of Product Design and Research,” Perez reports. “Each exec spent over eight years at Apple, where their time overlapped, as it turns out. They worked on several projects together, including Apple’s Online Store.”

“Lopp (who is an author) was involved with leading parts of the Mac OS X engineering team before working on the Store site… Now at Pinterest, his focus will be on leading the technical team focused on product development, and scaling an infrastructure that includes over 30 billion Pins,” Perez reports. “Meanwhile, Baxley (an author too!) served in senior leadership roles for both Apple’s retail and commerce team in his eight-plus years at the company… At Pinterest, he will be tasked with overseeing the product design and research teams, which are creating the Pinterest interface and experience that reaches the company’s ‘tens of millions’ of users.”

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