ESPN Radio and local NPR stations now available via Apple’s iTunes Radio

“Live 24-hour streaming sports content from ESPN Radio, as well as local National Public Radio affiliates from around the U.S., are now available to hear on Apple’s iTunes Radio service,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“The new ESPN Radio channel can now be found within the iTunes Radio section of the Music app on iOS devices,” Hughes reports. “It’s also available through the iTunes Radio section of the iTunes suite on Macs and PCs.”

Hughes reports, “Unlike the custom built stations available in iTunes Radio, which dynamically stream tracks to users based on their listening habits, the ESPN Radio channel is a live stream of the same content being beamed out to terrestrial radio stations around the U.S.”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. ” the ESPN Radio channel is a live stream of the same content being beamed out to terrestrial radio stations around the U.S.”

    …and has been available in about a dozen other streaming apps for a long time.

  2. It broadens access to Colin Cowherd and his talk show, The Herd. His subject matter transcends sports, his edgy style is refreshing and would not seem out of place in a contentious tech forum. Like, uh, this one.

  3. National Petroleum Radio?
    Nah. It has long ago succumbed to the Villager attitude of the D.C. Beltway. Public radio in the US is moving away from NPR- now afraid to call itself National Public Radio. They started to fill their ranks with castoffs from the commercial broadcast networks and drifted to the center-right and a strong embrace of false equivalence.

    Exactly how much sports TV and radio does one need? Other than College Football I never look at it. Also very tired of the endless SEC boot licking/fellating. You would think nobody else ever played football. The SEC is a semi-pro league with a horrible graduation rate.

    1. Wow! You couldn’t be any more wrong than to say that NPR is center right! It couldn’t be any further to the left. It’s basically ACLU radio. And pretty much anti-American radio. Have you ever even listened to it? You couldn’t have or you wouldn’t have made that statement. Damn!

      1. As an ACLU member and Progressive/Liberal, you are sorely mistaken.

        Listen to NPR and then read The Nation. The Nation is Liberal and NPR is center right- along with most of the commercial media. Fox is far right/reactionary.

        If NPR was liberal they would have been laughing their asses off over House GOP Leader Cantor getting less than 30,000 votes in a Primary in a very Republican district. I know I was ROTFLMAO.

        1. The classification of media outlets on the political spectrum is hardly unanimous, except in hidebound or scripted minds. The political spectrum itself is unscientific, changing with political seasons, and is itself an instrument of division, scarcely a reliable barometer of enduring social beliefs. Yet your example of riotous laughter over the outcome of a local election shows that there is some precision, after all, in such measurements, if we gauge the laugh track. In just the same way, we rate TV sitcoms.

            1. D.E. thanks for the dash of cold water in the face. I had to do a double take when I followed up your news

              Being on vacation with no media of any kind was kind of nice while it lasted. Election? What election?

              The stupid thing is that I grew up in Fairfax county Va. I used to care more about these things

        1. Let’s see…government takeover of the medical industry.
          Increased government.
          Increased spending.
          Oh yeah, that’s “center-right.”
          Only a moron would believe that.

  4. I don’t get why people hate NPR. They are actually fair and balanced unlike certain news networks that claim to be. I really loved how when they had a news item on autism, they talked about the people who had it, and didn’t make it like those with autism are a burden on their families, like most news stations do. I’m pretty sure Autism Speaks likes to give free money to interested parties…but that’s just the conspiracy theorist in me speaking! 🙂 But other than that, I have no problems with NPR. I love that station.

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