“Apple has a unique skill in the world of technology. It can announce nothing, make no statement either confirming or denying rumors that appear, and still the rest of the consumer electronics world goes into a frenzy,” Ian Morris writes for Forbes. “One rumour about a potential upcoming Apple product is enough to force the whole electronics industry to drop what it’s doing, and start developing their own competing products.”

“Apple is, in fact, inspiring more technological advancement than any company I can remember. Perhaps Sony in the 70s and 80s might have done a similar job, but for most of us that’s a distant memory now,” Morris writes. “To give an example, let’s look at smart watches. This is a category of gadget that exists solely because there was once a rumor that Apple was developing an iWatch. At that point, the Koreans, Japanese and even startups in the U.S. such as Pebble all fell about making their own devices to get to market ahead of Apple. Apple has remained silent on the matter all this time, and we still don’t know if an iWatch is coming. We do, however, have Sony, LG and Samsung all producing them, in the hope that people will suddenly start buying into the idea.”

MacDailyNews Take: Apple deserves scant credit for improvement here as the pre-iWatch crop of stupidwatches couldn’t get much worse.

“Another great example is the Apple TV, not the little $99 box that it currently sells, but the full-blown TV that rumors say the firm is working on. This in itself has been enough to drive everyone into a smart TV development whirlwind,” Morris writes. “Now TVs have Netflix built in, and they can make Skype calls. TVs had spent years being fairly dull devices, and all of a sudden they’re instruments of on-demand entertainment.”

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