“The Mac Alpha version of Lightworks has been distributed to registered Alpha editors and it is expected that the Mac Public Beta version will be released around 11th June 2014,” Learn Final Cut reports.

“There was once a piece of software helping to define the non-linear editing space; it’s an editing system known as Lightworks,” Learn Final Cut reports. “A lot has happened in non-linear editing since then. Avid attained [the throne], until Apple purchased a piece of software from Macromedia and released their DV editing software system called Final Cut Pro using the NEW firewire connections on their Macs.”

“At a cost of about five percent of a full blown Avid system, users could quickly import DV camera footage, edit, title, output and distribute motion images like never before. The tide shifted, Apple’s Final Cut Pro became more refined, and soon it was making inroads in educational environments, TV series. Film makers like the Cohen brothers became fans and users,” Learn Final Cut reports. “Lightworks for Windows and Linux are currently available in Public Beta versions.”

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