“Devices running Google’s Linux-based Chrome OS are some of the most affordable laptops and desktops on the market, typically costing under $400,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“As seen below, Chrome OS’ share of U.S. and Canadian desktop Web traffic grew 0.1% within the studied five-month period. After growing approximately 0.13% since our previous study on the subject back in March 2013, total Web traffic generated by Chrome OS users is now about one-tenth that of Linux users, the latter’s usage share amounting to 1.9% as of January 2014,” Purcher reports. “Chitika notes that while ‘Linux has always been a niche product, Google’s marketing activities around Chrome OS are the most public indicator that the company has larger ambitions for the product in the consumer and business space. Yet, the very modest usage share growth for the OS over the past several months underscores the present difficulties of the domestic PC marketplace.'”

Google Chrome OS vs. Linux Web Usage Growth, 9/13-1/14

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MacDailyNews Take: Anemic.

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