Google’s Chromebook nabs 0.2% Web traffic share in North Amercia

“Devices running Google’s Linux-based Chrome OS are some of the most affordable laptops and desktops on the market, typically costing under $400,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“As seen below, Chrome OS’ share of U.S. and Canadian desktop Web traffic grew 0.1% within the studied five-month period. After growing approximately 0.13% since our previous study on the subject back in March 2013, total Web traffic generated by Chrome OS users is now about one-tenth that of Linux users, the latter’s usage share amounting to 1.9% as of January 2014,” Purcher reports. “Chitika notes that while ‘Linux has always been a niche product, Google’s marketing activities around Chrome OS are the most public indicator that the company has larger ambitions for the product in the consumer and business space. Yet, the very modest usage share growth for the OS over the past several months underscores the present difficulties of the domestic PC marketplace.'”

Google Chrome OS vs. Linux Web Usage Growth, 9/13-1/14

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MacDailyNews Take: Anemic.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


    1. Agreed. That’s what the pundits would say for any Apple product with that much popularity, but these guys say “Yet, the very modest usage share growth for the OS over the past several months…”

      Modest, my a**. It’s piss poor and pathetic.

  1. How much of the incredible 0.2% is attributable to the ‘Gee Whiz!’ bleeding edge interest in something new, anything Google? I’m betting, just about all of it. Well, except for poor granny who had one of the Chromebook things shoved at her from under the Christmas tree by one of her Google gaga kids.

  2. It’s a web terminal, not a laptop! Without an internet connection it is a worthless keyboard and display that looks like a laptop. It is really cheap because it can’t run applications by itself.

  3. I work in tech support for a school district and am a Mac user, always have been and always will be. We are seeing a huge demand increase for Chromebooks at all the schools…they can run most everything the students need because they run flash and java. I hate those two platforms myself but a lot of learning sites use them. We have gone from a district with only macs and PCs to one with lots of iPads, and now one with lots of Chromebooks…They are better than iPads for content creation and can be used by more than one student by logging into their google apps for education. iPads are good for one user only and are extremely difficult to manage, whereas we installed testing software on hundreds of Chromebooks in 2 minutes. Hate all you want, Chromebooks are surging in popularity exponentially.

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