“What do you do if you have an extra US$45.2 billion sitting around? If you’re Comcast, you buy Time Warner Cable,” Jeff Gamet writes for The Mac Observer. “Comcast announced on Thursday that it’s doing just that and plans to complete the deal before the end of the year. That could turn into a content licensing deal opening Apple TV to potentially 30 million customers.”

“The rumored Apple TV update will sport a new interface for easier navigation between TV shows, movies, and other online content. Assuming Apple does land a licensing deal with Time Warner, that content could include programming and other services from the cable provider,” Gamet writes. “Apple’s new set top box is expected to ship by fall, which would come in ahead of Comcast and Time Warner’s deal closing. If Time Warner does throw its hat in with Apple, that agreement could be part of the shared services all subscribers get after the merger, giving Apple a content deal with Comcast without ever having to negotiate with the cable provider.”

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