“2013 was a big year for mobile. At the end of the year, Distimo takes a look back at the top apps, publishers and developments that mattered most in the mobile app stores in 2013. Even though the year is not completely over yet, major trends and top performances in the main app stores could already be identified,” Christel Schoger, Distimo analyst, reports in Distimo’s 2013 Year in Review report. “The typical holiday spike in terms of download volumes and app revenue, as seen in previous years over the holidays, is still ahead of us, leaving room for even further notable events in 2013.”

“In November 2013, Apple’s App Store led in revenue share with 63 percent versus 37 percent for Google Play,” Schoger reports. “On a typical day in November 2013, we estimate the global revenues for the top 200 grossing apps in the Apple App Store at over $18M [$US90,000 average per app]. For Google Play, our estimate is about $12M.”

The top 10 countries in terms of mobile app revenue from the Apple App Store and Google Play are:
1) United States
2) Japan
3) South Korea
4) United Kingdom
5) China
6) Australia
7) Germany
8) Canada
9) France
10) Russia

“The most revenue generating app of 2013 was Supercell’s Clash of Clans, making Supercell the top grossing publisher of 2013 in the Apple App Store,” Schoger reports. “The majority of top publishers in all three app stores are game developers.”

“The Freemium Business Model – free apps with in-app purchases – makes up the largest revenue share in the Apple App Store. Our analysis showed that this revenue share even increased over the year,” Schoger reports. “While the Freemium revenue share was at 77 percent in January, it grew to 92 percent in November based on globally aggregated data for the Apple App Store. The other business models, paid apps without in-app purchases and paid apps with in-app purchases, made each only 4 percent of the revenue in November 2013.”

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