Apple CEO Tim Cook: Obama tech meeting was ‘great’

President Barack Obama today will face a group of executives including Apple’s Tim Cook and Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer whose companies are pushing the U.S. to curb broad government spying on communications.

Julianna Goldman reports on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

The list of tech exec. attendees at today’s meeting:

• Tim Cook, CEO, Apple
• Dick Costolo, CEO, Twitter
• Chad Dickerson, CEO, Etsy
• Reed Hastings, Co-Founder & CEO, Netflix
• Drew Houston, Founder & CEO, Dropbox
• Marissa Mayer, President and CEO, Yahoo!
• Burke Norton, Chief Legal Officer, Salesforce
• Mark Pincus, Founder, Chief Product Officer & Chairman, Zynga
• Shervin Pishevar, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Sherpa Global
• Brian Roberts, Chairman & CEO, Comcast
• Erika Rottenberg, Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, LinkedIn
• Sheryl Sandberg, COO, Facebook
• Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman, Google
• Brad Smith, Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Microsoft
• Randall Stephenson, Chairman & CEO, AT&T

Direct link to video here.

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  1. Tim didn’t say “great.”

    He said “grate,” as in “to irritate or annoy persistently; to produce a harsh rasping sound: to grate on the ear.

      1. I’d do it if I wasn’t so busy working to survive in the worst economy since Carter (I lived it, know what I’m talking about) and being forced by our tyrannical government to buy a product or have my property sized. And you know the man is in the closet,right? Why Cook sucked up to him…

  2. Tim: Mr President, my company is creating whole new categories of products, leading the world, giving people whole new ways to access knowledge. So why is YOUR DOJ suing my company?
    B’rack: Huh?
    Tim: You know, you are just helping Amazon to continue their monopoly. It really is not helping consumers.
    B’rack: What?
    Tim: Umm, nevermind…

    1. While Tim Cook was entertaining POTUS, Apple’s share price slipped a few more dollars and sank below $500 billion in market cap. I’m not sure Tim Cook should be dividing his time between Apple and anything else outside of the company. I noticed one of the top CEOs around, Jeff Bezos, didn’t waste his time kissing up to POTUS. I’m sure he was busy trying to put more shareholder value into Amazon.

    1. You do realize that the title would be “Liar in Chief”, don’t you? Like Commander in Chief, or Editor in Chief

      Typical right-wing populist: Convinced he’s right about everything. Dumb as rocks.

  3. Useless. Obama does not care what the American people feel about the NSA program. He will not take anything away from this meeting. The meeting will only give the tech giants the illusion that they can change the direction of government.

    1. Whatever. Cook uses Apple resources for his personal/political uses as much as any other corporate officer.

      It is simply not in the job description to be an executive and also be apolitical. To get anointed as a modern feudal lord, you have to be a shrewd politician.

      Why does everyone think Cook, or Apple in general, is an exception to the rules of modern business?

      1. I have to respectfully disagree.

        Cook has taken on Icahn, the Department of Justice, numerous copycat competitors around the globe, envious governments who want a bigger piece of the Apple pie and so on.

        He gets it.

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