“Am I the only one disappointed by Touch ID on the new iPhone 5S? ” Anthony Wing Kosner writes for Forbes. “My own experience has been that it worked great the first day after I got the phone and almost not at all since. So I feel a little like I’ve been duped into actually using a passcode (which I never did before) so that I could use this cool new feature (score one for the added security benefits of touch ID!) But then it stopped working. So after five tries (or before) I punch in my passcode. I do that a lot.”

“Did I try rescanning my fingerprints? Yes. Updating my system software? Yes. Resetting to factory setting and starting out with a clean install and not using a backup because it could mess up the firmware?” Kosner writes. “No, not yet. Too much work.”

“If you go to Apple’s support discussions and search Touch ID, the top hit is entitled Touch ID being erratic. It is not a well travelled thread which would indicate that there are not massive numbers of people having the problem OR that not enough users are sufficiently annoyed (yet) to be posting on this forum,” Kosner writes. “But what I found there was essentially my story. It worked well at first and then became erratic.”

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MacDailyNews Take: All of our iPhone 5s units’ Touch ID systems work perfectly. Nothing erratic at all. Zero issues.