Is Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint recognition system working well for you?

“Am I the only one disappointed by Touch ID on the new iPhone 5S? ” Anthony Wing Kosner writes for Forbes. “My own experience has been that it worked great the first day after I got the phone and almost not at all since. So I feel a little like I’ve been duped into actually using a passcode (which I never did before) so that I could use this cool new feature (score one for the added security benefits of touch ID!) But then it stopped working. So after five tries (or before) I punch in my passcode. I do that a lot.”

“Did I try rescanning my fingerprints? Yes. Updating my system software? Yes. Resetting to factory setting and starting out with a clean install and not using a backup because it could mess up the firmware?” Kosner writes. “No, not yet. Too much work.”

“If you go to Apple’s support discussions and search Touch ID, the top hit is entitled Touch ID being erratic. It is not a well travelled thread which would indicate that there are not massive numbers of people having the problem OR that not enough users are sufficiently annoyed (yet) to be posting on this forum,” Kosner writes. “But what I found there was essentially my story. It worked well at first and then became erratic.”

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MacDailyNews Take: All of our iPhone 5s units’ Touch ID systems work perfectly. Nothing erratic at all. Zero issues.


    1. works fine. perfectly in fact. I scanned both thumbs into additional finger slots to “saturate” the reader for goofy presentions I make to the scanner – now it registers 100% first try

    1. Maybe you have dirty hands, wash more regularly.

      Also, how you first setup your print is important. Maysure it gets good reading and cover as much of your print as possible during the initial setup. You can always delete and try againt.

      1. Yeah I don’t think that’s the case. I work with my hands and washing before touching my phone (or much of anything else) is a regular routine.

        That being said I think I have to re record some fingers now that I’m more attuned to exactly how I’m pressing the button.

        I will also say that the touch ID never works after I wash my hands until they are completely dry so that could be the most common issue– moist phalanges

        1. When we implemented the time and attendance system by finger print readers at work, there were a lot of people that the readers were unable to read their fingerprint at least 75% (our systems is happy with just 75% of the finger reading).
          Some people had a very good 100%, most of the people pass the 75% minimum data require of the finger, but there was like 5 % of the people that none of their fingerprints could be read, may be that is your case. Do you check at work with your finger? does it works?

    2. Here’s the deal. Mine did not work right out of the box. I could train it just fine but it would not unlock with the scanner. Here is what I found. When I initially set up my 5s i restored my previous settings and apps from iTunes. My touch id did not work. So I restored the 5s back to stock out of the box status and manually set up my 5s without restoring from back up my info. That was it! Something in my previous backup was interfering with the fingerprint sensor working right. I have had it now for 3 weeks and the touch id works flawlessly. Try doing a restore then set up as new like I did. It works. Just to be sure I restored it a second time and put my old back up in again and the touch id quit working again. I then restored it again and set it up as new and the touch id works right every time.

    3. You’re probably just not doing it RIGHT 😉

      If your phone is already awake and prompting you to unlock or for your pass code, just place your finger on the sensor without clicking it. If the iPhone displays the message ‘try again’, lift your finger and place it against the sensor again without clicking the home button.
      That should do the trick! I had to learn the finite details myself 😀

    4. Try paying attention to how your finger is on the button most of the time, especially when it doesn’t work. Then delete your registered fingers and do it over again with emphasis on the point of your finger you notice yourself using.

  1. Hit and miss at best! The whole fingerprint recognition process is very inconsistent and frustrating for me on the 5S and yes, I have followed all instructions ‘very carefully’.

  2. When will people understand? If you have a problem with your iPhone, take it back for a replacement or if you just really want to bitch about it, replace it for an Android. That will give you something to really bitch about then. Otherwise, shut the hell up! People are sick and tired of reading some delusional opinion piece where the author just like to hear himself talk!

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