“Apple has lodged an audacious Australian trade mark application for the term ‘Startup’, covering a whole host of products and services,” ™Watch reports.

MacDailyNews Take: Audacious? Why?

“The ‘Startup’ application was lodged yesterday, August 27, by the Californian headquarters of Apple and a Sydney-based legal representative, Baker & McKenzie,” ™Watch reports. “If accepted, Apple would hold the trade mark of the word ‘Startup’ under various retail, computing, mobile and educational classes.”

™Watch reports, “A Google search doesn’t reveal any directly relevant results that could hint at Apple’s intentions, although it has lodged a similar trade mark in the past, both in Australia and the US – the Australian one, from 2011, has never been accepted.”

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Mark Gurman writes for 9to5Mac, “‘Startup’ is a word that Apple trademarked all the way back in 2011 in the United States. It refers to the area in Apple Stores in which Personal Setup is conducted. This is the process in which an Apple Store employee will help a new Mac and iOS Device customer with setting up their purchase.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]