“Apple shares (AAPL) are currently up 2.79 percent to $503.25 a share in the wake of Carl Icahn’s lobbying efforts on Twitter,” Romain Dillet reports for TechCrunch. “Yet, the stock performance of the past two days shouldn’t diminish the overall performance over the past two months. In less than two months, Apple has indeed gained $100 billion in market capitalization.”

“On June 27 of this year, shares closed at $393.78, roughly back to their December 2011 level,” Dillet reports. “Today’s price represents a 27.8 percent increase in just 48 days. The last time shares were trading above $500 was on January 23. It proves once again that AAPL still suffers from a lot of volatility and uncertainty.”

Dillet reports, “On September 19 of 2012, shares peaked at 702.10 following a very strong summer. This year, the stock is experiencing the exact same scenario and it will be interesting to see the trend following the new iPhone releases.”

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