Apple updates beta site with iOS 7 look and feel

“Apple on Wednesday updated its beta site for developers, bringing many of the design elements the company already introduced to testers in pre-release builds of iOS 7,” AppleInsider reports.

“The newly updated includes the iOS 7 icons for Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Notes, and Reminders,” AppleInsider reports. “The icon for Find My iPhone has also been given a simpler, iOS 7-style look.”

AppleInsider reports, “Apple’s iWork for suite remains in beta, and the icons for those applications have not been revised to reflect the design changes in iOS 7.” beta sign in screen beta sign in screen beta with iOS 7 icons beta with iOS 7 icons


Screenshot of Apple's iOS 7 beta 5 on iPhone 5
Screenshot of Apple’s iOS 7 beta 5 on iPhone 5

More info and screenshots in the full article here.


  1. Really wish they’d add an iMessage app to That way I could use my work (Windows) computer to send iMessages.

    Or just a native Windows client like the Mac has in Messages.

    1. Completely agree. Not having an iCloud version of Messages seems puzzling. Compared to Pages, Numbers and Keynote it has far less complexity. It seems to be a no-brainer and yet it’s not offered. Doesn’t make sense.

  2. I don’t like all those old fashioned color gradients at all. Someone should tell Jony that they are outdated. We did it in Corel Draw 2 in early 90ies for the very last time. They never made a comeback for some good reason.

    I am totally voting for a simpler look of iOS, but that’s really ridiculous. Can’t we send him a book about Bauhaus? Come on, Jony.

  3. Will Apple move OS X to the new design completely? They probably did not have time to do that in this year’s release — due this fall — but they will probably do in the next year’s version.

    1. Done, indeed. The new look is a step back, done before (Bauhaus) and advances nothing unless you love pastels and your mind cannot comprehend anything other than modern/alternative design.

  4. I dislike the loss of textures in the backgrounds as well as the loss of gloss and drop shadows. Hopefully the new layering will be used to replicate some of that.

    Like many people I didn’t think there was a great deal wrong with the way iOS looked. All I ever wanted was quicker access to settings and lock screen weather. (The only two things in Android that are worth stealing)

  5. Some of those new icons don’t convey any meaning.
    Take for example the new one for Safari. It may ring a bell, though, with Mac users and users of prior versions of iOS. But is that really the intention? A newbie should immediately think of web browsing when seeing the icon.

    1. Your dog is frickin’ aMAZing. The stuff my dog barfs up on the carpet… Well, lets just say I don’t even see a single rounded rectangle in that pile, much less such bright colors…

  6. I’m not a developer but I have all of my classroom presentations loaded into iCloud Keynote. The presentations all run fine in the browser window using the PC in the classroom. I’m thinking the iWork apps in iCloud are going to be very good and my PC loving faculty peers are aghast that I can show my Keynotes (nicer than their PowerPoints) on the classroom PCs via the Internet.

  7. Queer Eye For the Straight Guy comes to iCloud. Wonder if Tim Cook’s partner talked him into it.

    That shit is going to look very dated very shortly like all fads. Flat pastel graphics belong in something that is not a computing device.

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