“Apple is going to celebrate 6 years since the launch of the original iPhone, presented by Steve Jobs in San Francisco on June 29th, 2007,” Adam Landonn reports for Technorati.

Gizmorati‘s Matthew Lucas reports that an Apple inside source told the tech news publication ‘the iPhone 5S and the iPad 5 will be unveiled during a special event called ‘Original Passion, New Ideas’, on June 29, 2013,'” Landonn reports. “He also reports that Apple will celebrate iPhone’s 6-year anniversary since the smartphone was unveiled by Steve Jobs, and the unveiling of the new devices, iPad 5 and iPhone 5S by Tim Cook.”

Landonn reports, “The iPhone 5 was the last model to receive detailed input from Jobs, according to Businessweek.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If you planned on celebrating 6 years of iPhone, wouldn’t you do it with an “iPhone 6,” not an “iPhone 5S”?