“‘OK Glass,'” Stephen Shankland reports for CNET. “Those are the two words that Google showed today will initiate a variety of commands for its Glass computerized eyewear.”

“In the Google Glass ‘How it Feels’ video, people speak the words ‘OK Glass’ and then pick from a list of featured voice commands to send a message, record a video, take a photo, launch a video-chat hangout, conduct a search, check the weather, or get driving directions,” Shankland reports. “The Glass eyewear perches a screen just above a person’s ordinary field of view; the device itself is equipped with a processor, camera, head-tracking orientation sensors, and other electronics drawn from the smartphone industry. Google began selling Glass developer prototypes called Explorer last year for $1,500 that are due to ship this year.”

Shankland reports, “Wearing the devices might be very personal for the user, but wearing Glass makes you look a bit cyborg. Surely many folks talking to a Glass-wearing person will be put off by the knowledge that there’s a microphone and camera pointed right at them. Think of how differently people behave when the camera comes out for a photo op. In time, people will adjust, as they have to people talking on phones as they walk down the street — especially if Glass becomes mainstream. Google expects Glass will be ready for consumers in 2014.”

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