“As Apple’s design chief, Jony Ive has won his fair share of awards and accolades,” Matt Brian reports for The Next Web.

“While some will be more prestigious than others, he is also set to join a small list of illustrious figures that have been awarded perhaps the greatest accolade in UK children’s TV: a golden Blue Peter badge,” Brian reports.

“Ive, who received his knighthood from the Queen in May 2012, will join Her Majesty, footballer David Beckham and Harry Potter author JK Rowling in becoming one of 1,000 Blue Peter gold badge owners recognised for helping to inspire children around the world,” Brian reports.

More info in the full article here.

BBC News reports, “Sir Jonathan, known as Jony, described the news as ‘absolutely incredible.’ He also presented the show with his own version of the Blue Peter badge made out of solid aluminium, manufactured by Apple’s equipment, using the programme’s catchphrase: ‘Here’s one that we made earlier.'”

“In the pre-filmed segment he reviewed designs sent in by children and recalled how he had enjoyed watching one of Blue Peter’s past presenters reuse a detergent bottle to create a paintbrush holder,” The Beeb reports. “‘I loved the way there was just products that you thought were no longer useful, but reusing them,’ he said. ‘It was fantastic.'”

MacDailyNews Take: We had to watch the video twice because we were concentrating so hard on what was in the background that we didn’t hear a word they said.

It’s cute that Jony looks like he might cry when he sees that badge!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Alan” and “Paul M.” for the heads up.]