“Apple’s announcement of a new iPad SKU with 128GB of storage is a wonderful tactical stroke,” Ewan Spence writes for Forbes. “While consumers are going to love the extra choice, and hardcore users will flock to the extra storage capacity, it’s the Android tablet manufacturers that are going to be crunching the numbers overnight.”

“By increasing the top level of storage on the iPad, it will drive public perception towards ‘tablets should have 128GB of storage,'” Spence writes. “That 128GB has been seen as a psychological target by many people looking at iOS devices, and now it’s here (and is following the standard Apple model of doubling storage for $100 more) many will say it was obvious.”

Spence writes, “The competition are still kicking around at the 64GB mark, although some are not even that close. The Nexus 10? 16GB or 32 GB. The Galaxy Note? 16GB to 64Gb. The BlackBerry PlayBook? 16GB to 64GB. The Kindle Fire? 16GB to 32GB for the seven inch, and 64GB for the 8.9 inch. Apple has topped them all, and the other manufacturers are going to have to start offering higher specs in storage or run the risk of being left behind… The iPad 4 with 128GB hits the stores in seven days, and the competition are left standing still. Even if they wanted to react, they’re going to be at a disadvantage in terms of manufacturing and sourcing supplies… ”

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