“When it comes to understanding the stock market, I acknowledge I am no expert. I am not a financial analyst and my research is not directed at those making stock bets,” Ben Bajarin writes for TechPinions. “Yet if I was to put myself in the shoes of a financial analyst or someone looking to make long term bets on a tech companies, I would have to wonder what company is a better long term bet than Apple? In my opinion there isn’t one.”

“I can say with quite a bit of confidence that as I survey all the current players in the technology industry, Apple is the one I worry the least about,” Bajarin writes. “In fact my only concern for Apple is that they are having trouble keeping up with demand. Their earnings call revealed that Apple was supply constrained in almost every product category. Apple could not make enough products fast enough.”

MacDailyNews Take: Which is why, with all of that demand (iMac, iPad mini, iPhone4/4S/5) pushed into this quarter, Apple’s Q213 (March quarter) results may give Wall Street quite the surprise.

Bajarin writes, “There is a massive land grab and Apple does not need to own as much land (market share) as others in order to have an incredibly large and profitable business. If Apple simply acquired and maintained 10% of the global smartphone market (when it is saturated) they would ship five times as many iPhones as they currently do. I believe Apple will get and maintain a larger piece of the global pie for smartphones and tablets but I use that number to make a point.”

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