“Apple (AAPL) is poised to report its first profit drop in a long time. This outcome brings into clearer focus the biggest challenge facing Apple’s board: Is Tim Cook the person for the CEO job and if not, who would be better?” Peter Cohan asks for Forbes.

“About those falling earnings — Bloomberg reports that Apple is poised to report a 2% fall in net income for its first quarter to $12.8 billion, or $13.48 a share. With the exception of one quarter in 2003, Apple’s net income has increased at least 10% each quarter. And if that’s not bad enough, Apple is poised to report an 18% sales increase to $54.8 billion, ‘the slowest growth rate since 2009,’ according to Bloomberg,” Cohan writes. “Since September 2012, Apple stock has lost $100 billion worth of its value, falling 29%. While nothing can make up for the loss that investors who bought at Apple’s peak price — perhaps investors should throw in the towel on Cook.”

Cohan writes, “That seems to be what Apple’s board should do. But the problem is figuring out who could do a better job than Cook. One person to consider is Jony Ive — Jobs’ product design partner.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Not that we haven’t said Ive would be the best choice as the “face” of Apple in a post-Steve Jobs world, but calling for Cook’s ouster as CEO?

Silly season is definitely here.

Leave Cook as CEO and put Jony onstage during Apple events and keynotes and all of this silly talk about Cook will end immediately. He’d be Apple CEO for as long as he wished. Where Apple is currently missing Steve Jobs the most is in the charisma department on stage.