“A year ago, Italy fined Apple 900,000 euros, or $1.2 million, in response to complaints of ‘unfair commercial practices’ related to the company’s AppleCare product warranties,” Sam Oliver reports for AppleInsider. “The Italian Antitrust Authority deemed that Apple did not provide adequate information to customers about the length of product guarantees, because local laws require companies to protect buyers with a free two-year warranty.”

“AppleCare warranties were eventually pulled from Apple’s retail shelves in Italy last month in response to continuing antitrust concerns associated with European Union warranty laws,” Oliver reports. “Customers can still purchase AppleCare from the company’s website, where a disclaimer notes that the product’s ‘benefits are in addition to two-year warranty from the seller under the Italian legislation to protect consumers.'”

Oliver reports, “While that change made Apple in compliance with the law, the Italian antitrust agency still opted to fine the company an additional 200,000 euros, or $264,000, according to The Next Web.”

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