“Google’s much-anticipated iOS Maps application is out today and the early accounts are that it’s awesome,” Matthew Yglesias writes for Slate.

“I haven’t had time to play around with it properly, but I hope people will undrstand that if its as good as it sounds that’s really a vindication of Apple’s business strategy in launching its own Maps product,” Yglesias writes. “Recall that the problem with the old Maps wasn’t that it wasn’t as good as the new Maps. The problem is that it was distinctly inferior to Google Maps for Android. And that wasn’t a coincidence… While Google wants to promote Android, Google also doesn’t want to lose the vast customer base that is iPhone and iPad map users. So they’ve responded by writing a Google Maps program that’s much better than the old Google Maps—one that feature vector graphics and spoken directions and Google’s superior mapping data.”

Yglesias writes, “So pride aside, from Apple’s viewpoint this is a win. Apple’s not in the maps business, they’re in the device and platform business. Their problem as of a year ago is that their platform didn’t have a great maps program. Now it does. Mission accomplished.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote upon release of the app earlier today, “Well, lookie here: All of a sudden Google Maps goes vector-based and gives iOS users turn-by-tun navigation and Street View.

Who says Apple’s Maps didn’t work?”

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jeff C.” for the heads up.]

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