“Sales of Microsoft’s new Surface tablet have been ‘modest,’ according to the software giant’s CEO Steve Ballmer,” James Rogers reports for TheStreet.

“Microsoft began selling the ARM-processor-based Surface RT tablets in late October, but plans to launch a more advanced Intel-powered version of the device, running Windows 8, in early 2013,” Rogers reports. “Ballmer described the new tablet as a ‘top of the range’ version of the product, which also offers a higher-definition screen, during his interview with Le Parisien.”

Rogers reports, “The Microsoft chief reportedly attributed the slow Surface start to limited availability on the company’s online retail sites and a few U.S. Microsoft stores.”

MacDailyNews Take: Yeah, riiight, like it wasn’t the reviews:
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Rogers reports, “Microsoft shares dipped 1.86% to $28.30 in Monday trading.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Zune.