Ballmer: Microsoft Surface sales ‘modest’

“Sales of Microsoft’s new Surface tablet have been ‘modest,’ according to the software giant’s CEO Steve Ballmer,” James Rogers reports for TheStreet.

“Microsoft began selling the ARM-processor-based Surface RT tablets in late October, but plans to launch a more advanced Intel-powered version of the device, running Windows 8, in early 2013,” Rogers reports. “Ballmer described the new tablet as a ‘top of the range’ version of the product, which also offers a higher-definition screen, during his interview with Le Parisien.”

Rogers reports, “The Microsoft chief reportedly attributed the slow Surface start to limited availability on the company’s online retail sites and a few U.S. Microsoft stores.”

MacDailyNews Take: Yeah, riiight, like it wasn’t the reviews:
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Rogers reports, “Microsoft shares dipped 1.86% to $28.30 in Monday trading.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Zune.


  1. As one who downloaded the preview and gave it my best shot at a fair evaluation, it’s just shit. A kludge if there ever was one.

    If you are seeking the comfort of a traditional desktop style interface it disappoints with the Metro interface glued on top getting in the way. Conversely, those seeking a tablet experience will be frustrated by the tile layout and endless compromises made to be all things to all people.

    It tries to be a tablet AND a desktop and fails at both.

    [hulu id=pmmf9mjkzpu_yaach_4saa width=512]

    1. @Agent…: “the Metro interface glued on top…” This sounds so familiar. Wasn’t the original Windows glue on top of DOS? Is DOS still the underpinning of whatever GUI is being displayed on the screen?

  2. If STEVE FREAKIN’ BALLMER – the guy who insists that Microsoft is always winning all of the time – is calling Surface sales “modest” then… Wow.

    The Surface gonna get Kin’d.

  3. Modest is a term that should be applied to Ballmer’s management skills if you wanted to be nice, however I think he proves what an idiot he is every time he opens his pie hole, much like Carl Rove.

    1. Modest is a term that should be applied to the Romney campaign’s management skills – despite Mr. Romney being some sort of hotshot money manager. He got eaten by his own killer whale, ORCA.

      As the presidential race reached a climax, the Romney campaign had a plan. Campaign volunteers would monitor polling stations in swing states and report back to the headquarters on who had already voted. The Republican Party would use this data to target citizens who had yet to show up to the polls.

      This “strike list” strategy has long been used by both Democrats and Republicans, but the Romney campaign wanted to add a high tech twist: Poll monitors would enter the names via their smartphones, providing the campaign with quicker access to the data. There was even a button for reporting voter fraud or other election problems. They called it Project Orca.

      Orca is another name for killer whale.

      ORCA as experienced by an active, tech savvy Romney campaign volunteer:

      Regardless of your political point of view, ORCA was pure, unadulterated incompetence.

      1. @mrfergus & Necron99: Will you two please just stop baiting other readers of these posts? The election is over. I and many others around here don’t particularly care to read off-topic political tangents. They just get in the way of topical comments.

        Thank you.

  4. If Steve Balmer says, “modest,” wow, sales must be poor.

    It’s kind-of too-bad. At least Microsoft came-up with something original and licensed Apple, etc patents, rather than Android-copying this time.

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