“Back in March when Apple’s stock was heading for new all-time highs, I did write about a dangerous sign for the stock, namely a wave of robust forecasts that called for the stock to reach $800, $900, or even $1000—some of these calls were made here at Forbes.com,” Panos Mourdoukoutas writes for Forbes.

“In July, after Apple missed on earnings expectations, I did write about another dangerous sign: A wave of justifications of the miss that re-assured investors that Apple’s fundamentals are intact, and that the stock will head north soon–after the iPhone 5 release,” Mourdoukoutas writes. “Now, with the iPhone 5 release around the corner and the stock trading near all-time highs, the buzz is about Apples contribution to the US GDP. Such buzz isn’t healthy for the stock. It focuses on the noise, not the message.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Mourdoukoutas is Greek for “ghoulishly misconstrue.”