“I want anyone to know who is thinking of buying a MacBook Pro with the Retina display, that something’s missing,” Scott Kelby reports for Photoshop Insider.

“It doesn’t have a Security Slot, and for some people (like me) that’s a real problem (and one I’m now going to have to deal with somehow),” Kelby reports. “So, that’s it. A heads up, and here’s hoping that Apple adds them back in future models, and that someone comes up with as elegant a security option as Kensington did (who obviously teamed up with Apple on that slot). Hey, we can always dream.”

Kelby writes, “This isn’t just a problem for sports photographers — it’s for schools that have MacBook’s in their labs, and at work, and anywhere we need to have our laptops secured (Starbucks) and now we have to find some other solution (and I’m looking at a few), but I would dearly LOVE to hear why Apple decided NOT to include this tiny slot. While they’re at it, I’d love to know why in Mountain Lion Apple decided to do away with the menubar Display menu, which is another thing that makes me shake my head, but don’t get me started.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Something’s missing alright. So is somebody.

Well, maybe Apple now wants portable Mac users to buy something like this?

Regardless, such a solution seems quite a bit less elegant than a simple security slot.

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