Apple, Samsung lawyers make closing arguments to U.S. jury

“Apple spent four years pouring resources into developing the iconic iPhone, while Samsung couldn’t keep up and eventually decided to copy its major competitor, an Apple attorney said in court,” Dan Levine reports for Reuters.

“Closing arguments kicked off on Tuesday as the high stakes trial between Apple Inc and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd drew towards a climax in a federal court in San Jose, California. The jury will likely begin deliberating on Wednesda,” Levine reports. “Apple attorney Harold McElhinny urged jurors to consider the testimony of a Korean designer who said she worked day and night on Samsung’s phones for three months. ‘In those critical three months, Samsung was able to copy and incorporate the result of Apple’s four-year investment in hard work and ingenuity — without taking any of the risks,’ McElhinny said.”

MacDailyNews Take: Samsung’s attorney jammed his hands into his pants pockets, toed the floor, and stared at the ceiling while whistling tunelessly.

Levine reports, “A Samsung attorney is expected to begin his closing argument later on Tuesday.”

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  1. Freudian slip…this sounds like Apple’s argument::

    4 years vs. 3 months
    work hard vs. stealing

    I meant to say Sammy’s closing argument is:

    4 years vs. 3 months
    work hard vs. smart work

  2. These cases are always unclear as to who will be the winner. It rarely is about justice and mostly about just opinions of a few clueless people on a jury and a judge concerned about the optics of the case and the fame they can spin off the case.

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