Did Apple forget the security slot on their new MacBook Pro with Retina display?

“I want anyone to know who is thinking of buying a MacBook Pro with the Retina display, that something’s missing,” Scott Kelby reports for Photoshop Insider.

“It doesn’t have a Security Slot, and for some people (like me) that’s a real problem (and one I’m now going to have to deal with somehow),” Kelby reports. “So, that’s it. A heads up, and here’s hoping that Apple adds them back in future models, and that someone comes up with as elegant a security option as Kensington did (who obviously teamed up with Apple on that slot). Hey, we can always dream.”

Kelby writes, “This isn’t just a problem for sports photographers — it’s for schools that have MacBook’s in their labs, and at work, and anywhere we need to have our laptops secured (Starbucks) and now we have to find some other solution (and I’m looking at a few), but I would dearly LOVE to hear why Apple decided NOT to include this tiny slot. While they’re at it, I’d love to know why in Mountain Lion Apple decided to do away with the menubar Display menu, which is another thing that makes me shake my head, but don’t get me started.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Something’s missing alright. So is somebody.

Well, maybe Apple now wants portable Mac users to buy something like this?

Regardless, such a solution seems quite a bit less elegant than a simple security slot.

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    1. And in other news, my Grand Prix car has no stereo, air conditioning, GPS or power windows…in fact its got no windows. It is also extremely tight to get in and its very hard to get spare parts for some basic DIY servicing at home. It’s also very hard to upgrade…….I mean, what if I wanted to replace the engine…..

        1. And Steve Jobs is missing at Apple.

          Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs! Very apparent now. Very disappointing. You would hope he would try twice as hard to promote Steve’s Apple vision that made Apple so great!


  1. Umm the Air already didn’t have it. Maybe it’s the price of thinness?

    Kesington locks were never that safe, certainly not for a $2K machine. A computer in my lab was still stolen with one. I’d suggest a lockable case with a bike lock.

    1. Good point. I’m not sure why MDN is so quick to jump on Tim. In his public appearances he has been stellar. The last keynote and the allthingsd discussion were terrific. I think we can give him the benefit of the doubt for a while longer.

      And while we’re talking about gripes. I really wish apple would be more proactive of the PR front. It’s incredibly lame that apple got beat up for it’s factory conditions when, objectively, they should’ve been given a medal for leading the industry in worker-improvement reform (regular audits, transparency, home page attention, employee education programs.. etc., all came before the firestorm kicked off by the a holes at the new york times). And I think apple’s lack of proactive PR has more to do with Steve than Tim if we must blame someone.

  2. Something’s missing alright. So is somebody.

    Turns out he was actually doing something with all that time he spent at Apple! How could others even begin to know where to begin in picking up the slack?

    1. Actually, they do.

      Not a true, determined thief – no.

      I’m a part-time photographer for a newspaper, and in the press working areas there are always laptops sitting on work tables while the photographers are out shooting. You seldom see one without a Kensington lock cable; and if you do the guy’s asking for it. Security in those areas is highly variable; it’s not unusual for the press areas to be “protected” by a security guard who really doesn’t know who is and who is not allowed in there.

      Unsecured equipment walks away far too often – often enough that our paper’s insurance reserves the right to deny coverage for unsecured laptops.

  3. I’ve worked at several companies that have required all laptops locked at their desk due to government regulations (FISMA, DoD, NIST) so they’d be required in that case. Looks like the MBP Retina is out unless you get some weird shell case for it. Seems like a very easy thing to put in and not compromise space.

  4. I have never witnessed a lock in use for a personal laptop ever. Mac Minis or Mac Pros in public often have them but why pay Kensington a royalty for something we never use.

    If Apple would have put a skate lace tightener in every Mac sold and then stopped including them, there would be a cry from some clueless person that they ‘needed’ it.

      1. Just visited one yesterday. Not a Kensington lock in sight and guess what? They even had MacBook Pros with Retina displays.

        By the way, these notebooks were not in the hands of users but were on display.

  5. About time someone writes about that…..I noticed that first thing. The Mac Mini too.

    Another thing that I never understood is when they do include the slot its in the front of all the ports on the right side. If it was me I would want the lock port near the back and hang the cable behind the table. If you do that now with the current models you have a cable going back past all your IO on the right side.

  6. The slot is no longer needed or rather, in a few more quarters when we all have one, then we’ll have no need/desire to steal other’s. Except Kelby, who probably has a souped up special edition model. 😉

    If not that, they’re thin enough now you don’t need to leave them behind. Take it with you.

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