“Awhile (2 months ago) back I bought an Android phone,” Alex Arena blogs. “The decision was made for two reasons: I wanted to have a first person point-of-view when I wrote about Android, and, I really wanted a phone with a keyboard. I settled on the Sony Xperia Pro, with the knowledge that if I didn’t like it, I’d only have to wait a few months for the new iPhone.”

Arena writes, “So far the experience has been terrible; I’ll be in line, come September.”

“On the rare occasion that I can use an app without it freezing up or crashing, it’s only to be greeted by an experience and UI that’s subpar. I swear: there’s not a single good Twitter client on this god-forsaken platform,” Arena writes. “I could excuse the shitty experience by reasoning that it’s only because the phone has older hardware, but let’s be honest; it’s specs are on par with the iPhone 4 with an experience that isn’t even in the same league, to put it lightly.”

Arena writes, “Android’s terrible user experience is the result of an equally with a terrible development experience. It’s just easier to make great things on iOS. Google needs to pull a Microsoft, and scrap the entire platform.”

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