“More details surround the recent burglary at the home of Steve Jobs have surfaced in a police report, revealing that the suspect also managed to swipe the late Apple co-founder’s car keys and wallet — which contained just $1 — along with several Apple devices that quickly gave away his location once they were powered on and connected to the company’s servers,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider.

“Kariem McFarlin, a 35-year-old Alemeda, Calif., confessed that his crime was one of desperation, explaining that he’d been living out of his car. He told police that when he saw Jobs’ home at 2101 Waverly Street in Palo Alto, Calif. was under construction, he immediately seized the opportunity,” Marsal reports. “McFarlin, then wearing white gloves, proceeded to turn over the home under the cover of darkness, stealing two iMacs, three iPads, three iPods, an Apple TV, and more than $60,000 in fine jewelry. No alarm sounded and no lights turned on throughout the duration of the burglary.”

Marsal reports, “Of the fine jewels McFarlin stole and later shipped to an out-of-state dealer, a $30,000 Tiffany & Co. platinum and aquamarine necklace with three strands of aquamarine beads was his biggest score. He also made off a $2,950 pair of Tiffany platinum, diamond and aquamarine lace-drop earrings, as well as a $28,5000 Tiffany platinum, diamond and aquamarine crochet necklace bezel set with two hundred and forty seven round brilliant cut diamonds weighing approximately five-carats total weight.”

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MacDailyNews Take: You see, because when you’re living out of your car, it’s the fault of other people. That is why you get to break into their homes and take their things. It’s also why, when you’re oh-so “desperate” and just want something to eat, you steal over $60,000 in Tiffany jewelry, two iMacs, three iPads, three iPods, and an Apple TV; sandwich prices being so out-of-control and all.

Jim Carrey also lived in a car for a time. Mr. Carrey didn’t break into people’s homes, steal their property, and get arrested. Instead, he wrote himself a check for $10 million dollars post-dated 10 years in the future and got to work making sure he’d be able to cover it.

Jim Carrey’s net worth is currently over $150 million.

Kariem McFarlin awaits sentencing.

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