Burglar who swiped Steve Jobs’ wallet, Macs, iOS devices quickly traced after powering up iPad

“More details surround the recent burglary at the home of Steve Jobs have surfaced in a police report, revealing that the suspect also managed to swipe the late Apple co-founder’s car keys and wallet — which contained just $1 — along with several Apple devices that quickly gave away his location once they were powered on and connected to the company’s servers,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider.

“Kariem McFarlin, a 35-year-old Alemeda, Calif., confessed that his crime was one of desperation, explaining that he’d been living out of his car. He told police that when he saw Jobs’ home at 2101 Waverly Street in Palo Alto, Calif. was under construction, he immediately seized the opportunity,” Marsal reports. “McFarlin, then wearing white gloves, proceeded to turn over the home under the cover of darkness, stealing two iMacs, three iPads, three iPods, an Apple TV, and more than $60,000 in fine jewelry. No alarm sounded and no lights turned on throughout the duration of the burglary.”

Marsal reports, “Of the fine jewels McFarlin stole and later shipped to an out-of-state dealer, a $30,000 Tiffany & Co. platinum and aquamarine necklace with three strands of aquamarine beads was his biggest score. He also made off a $2,950 pair of Tiffany platinum, diamond and aquamarine lace-drop earrings, as well as a $28,5000 Tiffany platinum, diamond and aquamarine crochet necklace bezel set with two hundred and forty seven round brilliant cut diamonds weighing approximately five-carats total weight.”

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MacDailyNews Take: You see, because when you’re living out of your car, it’s the fault of other people. That is why you get to break into their homes and take their things. It’s also why, when you’re oh-so “desperate” and just want something to eat, you steal over $60,000 in Tiffany jewelry, two iMacs, three iPads, three iPods, and an Apple TV; sandwich prices being so out-of-control and all.

Jim Carrey also lived in a car for a time. Mr. Carrey didn’t break into people’s homes, steal their property, and get arrested. Instead, he wrote himself a check for $10 million dollars post-dated 10 years in the future and got to work making sure he’d be able to cover it.

Jim Carrey’s net worth is currently over $150 million.

Kariem McFarlin awaits sentencing.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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  1. Let’s hope the judge or the prosecutor reads or is read MDN’s take above and doesn’t fall for McFarlin’s “woe is me” bullshit.

    People have choices. When they decide to make the wrong choice, they need to face the consequences. This is what taking responsibility actually means, not saying “I’m sorry, I was desperate” after the fact in order to get a lenient sentence.

    Look on the bright side, McFarlin, you’ll have three squares, a roof over your head, and cable TV all provided by California’s dwindling number of producers who are being raped by interest groups attached like leeches to liberal California politicians who’ve ruined a once-great state by overspending on a never-ending stream of fucking bullshit boondoggles.

    1. … mistaken an explanation for an excuse. Or maybe not. We agree that this guy has no good excuse for his behavior. And he didn’t try the lame “the stuff was just laying there”. Were this material protected by a patent, Mrs Jobs would have no case as she failed to protect it!
      No … he was explaining the motive behind his behavior. This may, possibly, sway the judge towards a more lenient sentence – less than the maximum, perhaps – but that is merely part of the benefit of a guilty plea over an expensive trial. And, explaining your motive is part of that process.
      A) It is NOT “woe is me” bullshit
      B) It saves the state money in avoiding both trial and appeals.

      1. Failed to Protect it??

        That’s as lame as the supreme court in Italy ruling that a girl cannot be raped if she is wearing blue jeans.

        You, sir, are a retarded clown.

        1. … language? No … forget that jibe. It’s more likely you are not well enough acquainted with the silly rules regarding protecting patents. No, maybe it IS your failure to understand simple English.
          Wabash … why are you saying these things as a reply to my posting? Did I in any way suggest I disagreed with anything you said? No. I said he needed to explain his motives in accordance with a plea bargain, a guilty plea. Nothing said about “poor bugger” or “stupid clod”.

      2. The guy was not acting out of desperation. He had a car and gas for the car. He made it across the Bay so he had to thinkabout bridge tolls. He decided that he venture out of blue collar Alameda and head to one of the richest counties in the USA. He appears to have picked through the loot carefully. He then sold to an out of state dealer instead of his local fence or pawnshop. Signs of an experienced burglar if not a pro.

    1. Don’t be a douche.

      Bigotry toward a profession is just like any other bigotry.

      In every industry, there are people who can be considered as “good” and “bad.”

  2. I’m a bit disappointed he was caught so quickly. I would have loved to see how high the ebay auction for Steve’s ID went before it all came crashing down on this idiot.

    1. Here’s a PERFECT illustration of Dem/Lib/Prog hypocrisy:

      They call Dan Quayle and Sarah Palin “stupid,” then they offer this retard with hairplugs :

      Biden: ‘Folks, Where’s it Written We Cannot Lead the World in the 20th Century in Making Automobiles?

      The Romney-Ryan campaign response was instantaneous:

      “Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will ensure America leads the world in the 21st century by strengthening middle-class families and creating jobs. President Obama and Vice President Biden have taken our nation backward with failed policies that have resulted in higher unemployment, more debt, and a weaker economy. A campaign based on rage and divisiveness can’t hide the president’s failed record.”

  3. I don’t know about the comparison on the MDN take on this story (no pun intended). Taking a dead legend’s personal effects vs. making ‘Me, Myself and Irene’….I’m not sure which one is the bigger crime.

  4. Why can’t you idiots just give us the stupid news and keep your 3rd grade analysis for milk and cookie time after you take your naps under the classroom table. You are nowhere near as smart as you think you are though you still might be orders of magnitude smarter than Romney and Ryan, or Tonto, or whatever his name is.

    1. I personally don’t read the MDN take, unless a lot of the members make mention of it in the comment feed. It’s not like they get in the way of reading the article. The choice is yours. They are pretty clearly identified.

        1. I prefer the spontaneity of the member replies. I’ll read MDN takes if it’s worth mentioning, but to me the comments seem too thought out and biased.

          Perhaps if MDN were to add a bit of a personal touch to the comments by posting the MDN author, I’d get a bit more enjoyment from reading them. Just like the forum posts, it’s more enjoyable, if you can relate the comment to the author.

            1. When you read magazines, newspapers or watch the news, there is a reason they give their names. If I need to explain why, there’s not much sense in doing so.

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