“When Microsoft wanted to show off its midmarket affinity, the software giant would do a promotional video with Lifetime Products, a manufacturer of polyethylene folding tables, chairs and sports equipment,” Tom Kaneshige reports for CIO. “Until about two years ago, Lifetime was Microsoft’s midmarket darling.”

“So what’s changed? ‘We love Apple,’ says Lifetime CIO John Bowden, who began adopting iPhones and iPads recently. ‘The bottom line is that Apple makes great products,'” Kaneshige reports. “To truly understand how monumental his decision was – ‘Wow, John is really doing this!’ said employees – a little background is in order. When it comes to technology enabling people, Lifetime is one of the most conservative companies out there.”

Kaneshige reports, “Bowden’s decision to adopt consumer-aimed iPhones and iPads is simply stunning. The thinking goes, if Apple can break Microsoft’s grip on a place like Lifetime, then no company is safe from Apple in the enterprise.”

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