“Just as Microsoft no longer has a lock on Mac users with the aging, bloated, and overly complex Word, Adobe no longer has a lock on Mac users with Photoshop (for the same reasons),” Bambi Brannan reports for Mac360.

“For Mac users who need powerful image editing but can’t handle the price or complexity of Photoshop, there are startlingly good alternatives,” Brannan reports. “Photoshop retails for a dollar shy of $700. At 5-cents on the dollar, Pixelmator begins to look like the graphics app bargain of the century.”

“To be fair, Photoshop is a professional tool… [but] you’ll spend 1/20th the price of Photoshop, and end up with an app that has a gentler learning curve, a similar set of tools and capabilities, and is ready for Mac OS X Lion’s built-in Versions and Autosave to make your image editing life a little easier,” Brannan reports. “Pixelmator is not Photoshop. But, as the affordable image editing app for the rest of us, it’s easily the bargain app of the year at 5-cents on the dollar compared to Photoshop.”

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MacDailyNews Take: MacDailyNews uses Pixelmator (US$29.99 at Apple’s Mac App Store) daily and highly recommends the application.

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