With iCloud, the music you purchase in iTunes appears automatically on all your devices. You can also download your past iTunes purchases. Where you want, when you want.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3:
1. Buy music: Download music from iTunes on any device.
2. iCloud stores it: Your music is stored in iCloud.
3. And iCloud pushes it to your devices: Your music automatically appears on your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Mac, and PC.

Available now in beta, iCloud automatically downloads any new music purchase to all your devices over Wi-Fi or over 3G, if you choose. Yup, you can buy a song from iTunes on your iPad at home and find it waiting for you on your iPhone during your morning commute. All without having to sync. It just works.

Also available in beta now, your past purchases are available on all your devices. Now you can download music you’ve previously purchased to all your devices. When you buy music from iTunes, iCloud stores your purchase history. So you can see the music you’ve bought, no matter on which device you purchased it. You can access your purchase history from the iTunes Store on your Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. And since you already own that music, you can tap to download your songs or albums to any or all of your devices.

Apple’s iTunes Match is coming this fall. If you want all the benefits of iTunes in the Cloud for music you haven’t purchased from iTunes, iTunes Match will be the perfect solution. It lets you store your entire collection, including music you’ve ripped from CDs or purchased somewhere other than iTunes. For just $24.99 a year (limit 25,000 songs; iTunes purchases do not count against 25,000 song limit).

Here’s how iTunes Match works: iTunes determines which songs in your collection are available in the iTunes Store. Any music with a match is automatically added to your iCloud library for you to listen to anytime, on any device. Because there are over 18 million songs in the iTunes Store, the vast majority of your music is likely already in iCloud. So, all you have to upload is what iTunes can’t match – that’s much faster than uploading everything. Right Amazon and Google? And all the music iTunes matches plays back at 256-Kbps iTunes Plus (AAC) quality — even if your original copy was of lower quality.

Can you say “amnesty,” music pirates? We knew you could! $24.99 a year and your music karma will be as pure as pure can be!

Try the beta features today with iTunes 10.3, free for Mac and PC. More info and download link here.