invisibleSHIELD case for iPad“Having read over a hundred articles on the iPad, its pending launch and what the future might hold with this device, here some thoughts on the iPad. Some of those articles were negative and some were positive but what most articles are not… are practical,” RC Copeland blogs for Future Vision.

“What the iPad can do is offer simplicity, not just ease-of-use, but ‘simplicity,'” Copeland writes. “Most people don’t get it and here’s why.”

“Being directly involved in the tech industry for over 25 years, I know what a computer can and cannot do. I know what I want a simple computing device to do for me. But I am a techie. I tinker, I play, I tweak… 95% or more of the population doesn’t (that percentage could be higher). They don’t care,” Copeland writes. “They want something that gets the job done and done fast (gets to the point) without having to learn for weeks or months before using the device.”

“We wouldn’t tolerate having to put the spark plugs in or tuning the car every time we go to the store to get eggs or milk. So why would we, on a computer, to just check our email? Think about what you had to learn to do that. (If you are a tech reading that last sentence, chances are you can’t think back that far (even if it was last year); you have forgotten. You are a nerd, like me. It’s in your DNA to forget back that far,” Copeland writes. “The rest of the population do remember the hassle of learning and being frustrated because they are still there.”

Copeland writes, “So, 95% of the population are not nerds or techs. They are everyday people like your brother, sister, mom or neighbour. They see the computer as one thing: an appliance to get a task done and most of their tasks consist of doing the following six things:”

1) Browsing
2) Searching
3) Email
4) Facebook / Twitter / Chat
5) Photos, video, music, media
6) Playing games

“They (this 95%+ of the population) really were never interested in anything more about what a computer can do. They want to do those 6 things the majority of the time,” Copeland writes. “So, imagine something that will do all those things (plus way more for the rest of us) without having to ‘learn’ how to use it. [Where] pressing a button where it turns on instantly (this is the ‘New Booting’); where the five things that are most wanted by most people can be seen on the screen; whereby touching the picture of one of those 5 things causes it to show up instantly?”

iPad “will revolutionize everyday computer use, and then some,” Copeland writes. “However, I believe there are 3 things missing, in these 3 areas: short term, 6-18 months; mid term, 3-5 years; and long term, 5-10 years. They are the following:”

• Short term: A Webcam
• Mid term: Allow the iPad to fold in half
• Long term: Voice recognition

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