“Apple boasts that the Magic Mouse is the ‘world’s first Multi-Touch mouse,’ and we’ll take the company at its word on that. But what’s multitouch like when integrated into a mouse? It’s pretty sweet—most of the time. Scrolling on the Magic Mouse is incredibly smooth, and since there are no mechanical parts, you don’t have to worry about junk getting into a scroll wheel (or scroll ball). Horizontal control is also more precise than with the Apple Mouse. I keep the ‘scroll with momentum’ option turned on, as it’s very useful when navigating large pages,” Eric Bangeman reports for Ars Technica.

“The two-finger swipe is quite useful when browsing the Web, and I’ve already stopped right-clicking to go backwards and forwards through my browser history. You don’t even need to grip the mouse as you swipe; there’s enough static friction to keep it from moving if you perform a hands-off gesture (I’ve tried on glass, wood, and granite),” Bangeman reports.

MacDailyNews Take: We do not totally agree with Bangeman’s assessment of the two-finger swipe. Unless you use a very light touch, two finger swiping can cause the very light Magic Mouse to slide and therefore can be more of a pain than it’s worth. That said, all other aspects of what just might be the world’s most beautiful looking computer mouse are excellent; the scrolling (vertical and horizontal), the accuracy, and the smoothness of cursor movement. With a few days of use behind us now, we can already recommend Apple’s Magic Mouse highly (our Mighty Mouses have been retired), but unless you can train yourself to two-finger swipe with a very light touch (the mouse is definitely sensitive enough to read lightly applied gestures) just don’t expect to use the two-finger swipe as the mouse can be simply too light and slide too smoothly on surfaces for it to be useful.

Bangeman continues, “If you have used screen zoom with the Apple Mouse, you’ll find the implementation with the Apple Mouse to be fairly intuitive—simply hold down the control key and swipe your finger across the top of the mouse… If you’re in love with multitouch and are tired of futzing with scroll wheels and scroll ball hand crud build-up, the Magic Mouse may be for you.”

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