Apple iPhone soon to overtake RIM BlackBerry in consumer smartphone market

Apple Online Store “A new report by ChangeWave Research provides yet more evidence of the surge in consumer interest in smartphones; and of Apple’s iPhone in particular. Last week we reported statistics from AdMob stating that smartphones are now edging out feature phones as the device of choice for consumers. In the race for the highly lucrative consumer smartphone market, blackberry devices still hold the lead over iPhone – but ChangeWave’s data shows that the gap is rapidly closing,” Richard MacManus reports for ReadWriteWeb.

“We predict that it won’t be long until Apple overtakes RIM as the leader in this hotly contested (and vitally important, in context of the Web’s shift from PC to phones) market,” MacManus reports.

“RIM’s market share is creeping down, while Apple’s surges up. ChangeWave puts RIM at 40% of market share, but Apple is now just 10% points behind at 30%. This was mainly due to the the iPhone 3GS release, which saw Apple gain [5 percentage points] since June,” MacManus reports. “Perhaps the most telling statistic in the ChangeWave report, also happens to be the most qualitative. 74% of the iPhone owners that ChangeWave polled reported that they’re “Very Satisfied” with their iPhone. Less than half of RIM device owners said that.”

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  1. The iPhone is a fad. The BlackBerry is for serious people that do serious things, not losers who like to play with their phones all day.

    iPhone is the phone for women and children.

    BlackBerry is the phone for real men. Strong, focused men who don’t have time for games and watching videos and browsing the web with their phones. Men who play on a field or in the bedroom, not with touchscreens. The skin of their fingertips are so coarse from all the hard work that they don’t even register as touches on a capacitive screen. They need buttons. They turn to BlackBerry to get the job done.

  2. I love my iPhone 3GS more every day. Having lots of fun and haven’t even scratched the surface of its possibilities. Boss just went on a biz trip last weekend and didn’t bring laptop — iPhone better, easier, faster. Flight Update app helpful.

    Little issue came up, took computers & iPhones to Apple Store yesterday, Genius fixed everything lickity split. Over the top excellent customer service, fun to go to Apple Store, buzz is great, everybody knows us, everybody happy learning and finding solutions to any question.

    Drooling over the new iMac 27″ i7, will come into store this month, looking forward to bringing it home.

    The iPhone is a wonderful portal to the incredibly satisfying World of Apple to new initiates.

  3. R2, love ya.

    I once had a wife whose excuse for no hanky panky was “your fingers are too rough”.

    That was before the iPhone of course – these days I could just point out that: “My iPhone loves my gentle strokes, so I’ll just go out and find a human who feels the same”. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  4. Or, to paraphrase your post a bi, R2t . . .

    “Mommy, look at my peepee! Mommy, I have a peepee! M-O-M-M-Y, pay attention to me! M-A-W-M-M-M-Y! I’m going to go eat worms if you don’t pick me up!”

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