“Here in Korea, LG’s just given me a quick look inside one of their factories,” Joe M. reports for Stuff.tv in a breif article formong the basis for conjecture around the “Mac Web” today.

“LG is working on a full multitouch display for computers. Now that might sound so so, but seeing as the Korean giant makes the panels for iMacs, it actually points to something far bigger – a multitouch Mac,” Joe M. reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Sounds a bit specious to us. Carl Lewis would have dificulty making the leap from LG producing touchscreens to Apple using them in iMacs. We need more evidence than what we see here. Deploy the salt.

FYI: The results of out MacBook-centric online poll “Where should Multi-Touch be located?” taken last week were:
• On screen only when trackpad is not present on device – 32%
• On both, but I prefer trackpad – 32%
• On both, but I prefer screen – 13%
• On docked iPhone and iPod touch (in place of removable MacBook trackpad) – 8%
• Not sure – 7%
• Nowhere, I prefer a mouse or other single-touch input device – 6%
• On screens only, never on trackpads – 2%
1,118 total votes