RUMOR: Apple prepping Multi-Touch™ touchscreen iMac

“Here in Korea, LG’s just given me a quick look inside one of their factories,” Joe M. reports for in a breif article formong the basis for conjecture around the “Mac Web” today.

“LG is working on a full multitouch display for computers. Now that might sound so so, but seeing as the Korean giant makes the panels for iMacs, it actually points to something far bigger – a multitouch Mac,” Joe M. reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Sounds a bit specious to us. Carl Lewis would have dificulty making the leap from LG producing touchscreens to Apple using them in iMacs. We need more evidence than what we see here. Deploy the salt.

FYI: The results of out MacBook-centric online poll “Where should Multi-Touch be located?” taken last week were:
• On screen only when trackpad is not present on device – 32%
• On both, but I prefer trackpad – 32%
• On both, but I prefer screen – 13%
• On docked iPhone and iPod touch (in place of removable MacBook trackpad) – 8%
• Not sure – 7%
• Nowhere, I prefer a mouse or other single-touch input device – 6%
• On screens only, never on trackpads – 2%
1,118 total votes


  1. Rumors like this contribute to Apple shares falling.

    Everyone gets all hot and bothered while anticipating some announcement like this, and then when Macworld comes around and there’s no multi-touch iMacs (at least not on the screen), then the stock drops 10 percent.

    I’m intrigued by touchscreen iMacs, but I think Apple will come to the market with a multi-touch keyboard before it takes the easy the way out with a touchscreen. Face it, if Apple wanted to do touchscreens on the iMac, they’d have done it by now.

  2. The only touch screen anything come down the pipe should be a touch pad ( mouse, trak pad) and then the touch keyboard/pad. Apple isn’t putting out a touch display because it 1. isn’t practical. 2. Just because people might think they want it, doesn’t mean they do. Apple is fairly accurate in bringing out products that people realize are great, and that they themselves hadn’t realized they wanted until Apple gave it to them. Mouse, Click Wheel, iPhone/Touch.

    And don’t give me the ” Who invented it crap” It always comes down to who markets the said product best, not first, but best.

  3. It seems obvious to me where Apple is headed… Think about it. They just went through a bunch of work to make the touch pad on the new Macbooks glide smoothly and be smear-proof…they went out of their way to tell us that it was made of glass–of all things! They just put glass monitors on all their Macbooks (and I guess iMacs too) and everyone complains about the glare. Seems to me, they are evolving the newly developed techniques with glass touch pads into touch screens. Why else would they make the touch pad out of glass?!
    No one seems to mind fingerprints on their iPhone…. Steve also said once that no one wants to watch movies on a small iPod screen…and then they change the world with the video iPod. Steve is playing around with your minds, but dropping clues everywhere.
    Maybe I’m way off, but I’m confident enough to wait on the upgrade of my 1st gen Mac Mini until the “Touchbook” comes out.

  4. there was no screen to touch.

    wireless gestures the are read by the idight camera are in the works.

    post snow lepard …. till then gesture mouse pad thing 2009 for new towers and imac optional. but end game is simple geture control without touch the screen ……..

    opps here come steve ………..cupertino underground ….. routing ip to NYC untracable


  5. Not going to happen.
    On a side note: I wonder if any of the patents that Apple has relate to “entire surface/pad clicks” type of thing? If so, what type of Venn Diagram do you get with a Blackberry Drizzle?

    What would you do if you could say “Stop That!”?
    Or would you just take the royalty money because there is no credible threat?

  6. I really think Apple will not do this. What should happen is that the screen should be used to display stuff, and there should be some sort of multitouch pad where you select tools and menus and what not. All the “work” is done down on the touch area, and the results are on the screen.

    Now, take it a little further, and you get rid of the keyboard and put in a touch area where a keyboard can be displayed, but also a whole host of new UI interfaces. Think CoverFlow mets Minority Report.

    Honestly, GUI for computers is rather dated. You need to think outside the box, as Apple does. They are slowly moving us there, and the next step would be to get rid of keyboards in favor of a multisurface interface where you can have it be whatever you want it to be (keyboard, graphic pad, etc).

  7. I bet the guy in Quantum of Solace who operates all the touchscreens in MI6 HQ is now signed off with RSI ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    The trackpad is where it’s at. Or a giant iPhone type device that has a keyboard/trackpad (and as yet unannounced features) that compliments a monitor, not replaces it.

  8. I do not get it, why on the screen? Has any one who uses the iphone really thought about wiping the screen all the time, holding there arms out, or having to repeatly lift ones arms?
    Great for a store to use, granted. But for me, I would have to go with a connection to my iPhone as a muti-touch or a purpose built one into or as the trackpad.

    Sorry, but I see medical issues.

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  9. @ MidWest Mac
    “Rumors like this contribute to Apple shares falling.”

    EVERYTHING these days contributes to Apple shares unnecessarily falling.

    If Steve Jobs farts they drop $1.50

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