“Luxpro, a Taiwanese electronics company that won a lawsuit filed against it by Apple over an imitation of the iPod shuffle, intends to countersue Apple for $100m in damages,” Kathrin Hille ireports for The Financial Times.

“‘We plan to sue Apple in a Taiwanese court before the end of the month and demand $100m in compensation for the revenues we have lost due to their abuse of their global power,’ Wu Fu-chin, Luxpro chairman, told the Financial Times,” Hille reports.

“In March 2005, Luxpro created a stir at the CeBIT technology show in Germany when it presented an MP3 player that looked similar to the iPod Shuffle,” Hille reports. “…In July 2005 Apple asked the Shihlin District Court in Taipei for an injunction that would ban Luxpro from manufacturing or selling the product. The injunction was granted a month later.”

“Luxpro appealed and won subsequent lawsuits in the Taiwan High Court and the Taiwan Supreme Court,” Hille reports. “Luxpro estimates that it has lost revenues of about $100m because of the temporary ban on manufacturing and selling the Tangent.”

Full article here.

AppleInsider has a full copy of Luxpro’s press release, “David vs. Goliath: Apple Computer Inc. Loses Lawsuit, Luxpro Technology Files US$100 Million Compensation Claim” here.

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