“For Apple, its June quarter has traditionally been a seasonally slower period, where sales tend to fall off just ahead of the educational buying season. But this year the company’s business appears noticeably stronger moving towards summer, due in part to a number of consumers switching to the Mac for improved stability and security,” Kasper Jade reports for AppleInsider.

“Studies are showing that consumers are indeed flocking to Macintosh platform these days, but not necessarily due to the much-hyped iPod ‘halo effect’ — a notion that positive experiences with an iPod are leading consumers to run out and buy a Mac. Instead, an increasing number of studies are showing that most PC users switching to the Mac platform are doing so because they’re fed up with the security and stability woes currently plaguing the Wintel platform,” Jade reports. “The most recent study comes research and investment firm PiperJaffray, which earlier this week spoke with 20 of Apple’s specialist resellers regarding business in the June quarter and trends with various products. On average, Apple specialists said that over 16% of customers who buy a Mac from their stores are PC switchers. In Apple’s own retail stores, this figure is closer to 50%.”

Jade reports, “While Apple’s June results will likely provide only slight upside, PiperJaffray remains bullish on the company given confidence that business will accelerate in the September and December quarters. ‘Our checks, along with IDC market share changes, suggest the halo effect is real. We believe this trend will allow Apple to continue to gain market share over the next several quarters,’ the firm said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The sooner Apple wants to start advertising on TV about what Mac OS X offers average personal computer users, the better. If not now, when?

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