The Register’s Tony Smith looks at Mac OS X 10.4 ‘Tiger’ in depth

In his first article looking at Apple’s new Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger in depth, The Register’s Tony Smith looks at Spotlight and Dashboard. Of the latter, Smith finds little use, but Smith writes of Spotlight, “Spotlight is a work of genius… With its own database, it only has to look in one place to generate the results list. It’s also tied into 10.4’s kernel-level file handling code, so whenever files are read or written, Spotlight’s database is updated. Modify a file, save it, and it appears straight away in Spotlight’s listing. Spotlight is not only quick, but it works, and works well.”

Smith writes, “I like the way images can be presented as a slideshow, though the Exposé-style thumbnail code proved a little slow on my 867MHz PowerBook G4. I originally decided I wanted this feature to be directly available at the folder level, in Finder, as it is in Windows. But then I started using Spotlight’s own folder view – selected with Command-Shift-Space, or by selecting Show All from the Spotlight menu’s search results list – more and realised that Finder is now almost redundant… [Spotlight’s] the future. Once all your information is accessible quickly, you won’t need a file manager, you just get your data whenever you want it, wherever it is.”

“If you quit Finder – you can add a Quit option by tinkering with the app’s preferences file or, more easily, by using Marcel Bresink’s useful TinkerTool utility – it stays that way. Previously, Mac OS X would automatically restart Finder. If that’s not Apple’s way of saying you no longer need Finder, I don’t know what is,” Smith writes.

Full article here.

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  1. spotlight is good, but im keeping the finder for quite sometime.

    now when are smart folders going to display in the finder like a normal folder? that would make my year.

  2. Wait…this guy says that Spotlight only indexes files when they are created or modified. That can’t be right…can it? That would be the silliest system ever. It indexes files even if they haven’t been opened, I’m pretty sure.

  3. This analysis is much better than the one by Andrew Orlowski (also of the Register), whose one mission seems to be “Above all, free music and software”

  4. An amazing OS – there is no doubt, and Spotlight is great.
    I can’t believe he finds little use for Dashboard – it is as useful as useful could be.

  5. Haribo wrote: ” Spotlight only indexes files when they are created or modified. That can’t be right…can it? That would be the silliest system ever. It indexes files even if they haven’t been opened, I’m pretty sure.”

    Doh! A file only has two states: created and modified. They still have to be created even if they are unopened.

  6. Spotlight starts by indexing everything. After that it re-indexes whenever a new file is created or one is modified so everything is always in there and it is always up to date. This is decidedly better than the google Desktop search tool which is the only similar thing that windozers have at this point.

  7. This may cause problems come backup time when users can’t remember where they saved every single thing that will need to be backed up. Question? Can automator do backups like VERITAS.

  8. So the reviewer was wrong about users needing to open previously-created files in order for Spotlight index them, right?
    Of course, he has to be wrong, but that is a pretty big error in a review focused on Spotlight!

  9. Henry,

    You’re not quite right. A file can be created, modified, or untouched. If I have files on my drive, then upgrade to Tiger, the reviewer is suggesting that Spotlight won’t index them unless I open each file. That’s just gotta be wrong.

  10. O get over the indexing thing. When you upgrade, it index your files, after that the indexing no longer, because the database is updated dynamically. He didn’t exclude first-launch indexing he just didn’t include it. Blah either way it’s nothing to get all offended over. .lol common people.

  11. Not to harp on the point, but there is a pretty big difference to the end user if Spotlight automatically indexes pre-existing files vs. a scheme where users have to open a pre-existing file in order to index it. For somebody unfamiliar with the Mac platform, that sort of misunderstanding could be important.

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