Wait over a year for Windows Longhorn to buy a new PC or buy a new Mac with Mac OS X Tiger today?

“When Microsoft chairman Bill Gates touts his company’s next Windows operating system, code named “Longhorn,” he can barely contain his enthusiasm, adding “it will be super to get that out in the hands of our customers.” The big question is whether customers will share Gates’ enthusiasm more than a year from now,” CIO.com reports. “While enabling the next generation is one thing, getting corporate customers and consumers on the Longhorn bandwagon may take some doing, say professors at Wharton. Is enhanced security going to spark the upgrades to grow Microsoft’s revenue? Will consumers be lured by visual effects? Is Longhorn enough to touch off a buying frenzy for related technology such as semiconductors, personal computers and networking equipment?”

CIO.com reports, “…Many users probably won’t try Longhorn until they buy a new PC. ‘I would bet a lot of people just wait,’ says Kendall Whitehouse, senior director of information technology at Wharton. ‘It’s easier.’ Another issue will be Microsoft’s sales pitch for Longhorn, which largely rests on enhanced security. ‘Let’s face it,’ adds Hunter. ‘Security isn’t sexy.’

CIO.com reports, “According to Thomas Y. Lee, a professor in Wharton’s department of operations and information management, one factor that could drive sales of Longhorn is search, a tool that is understated. Gates has said that search will be a critical component of Longhorn. Depending on how well Microsoft integrates searching capability, Lee estimates that Longhorn could change the way people interact with their computers… Meanwhile, Apple Computer’s ‘Tiger’ operating system, released on April 29, contains a feature called ‘Spotlight,’ which can search every piece of data on an Apple and organize content in “Smart Folders” that update themselves based on search criteria you set.”

“Given the head start of Apple’s operating system and Google’s desktop search, Microsoft has to embed search to remain competitive. ‘Microsoft has always been good at identifying the demands of the marketplace,’ says Lee. ‘But you could argue that enabling smart search in Longhorn is defensive.’ Werbach says Microsoft is somewhat hamstrung when it comes to keeping up with rivals such as Apple. Indeed, Microsoft has to keep its new operating system compatible with its older software because of its large base of customers, he notes,” CIO.com reports. “‘It has to create something new while keeping some of the old. Aside from the Apollo mission to the moon, Microsoft is facing the greatest software engineering feat in history.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Why wait for Microsoft to release a stripped-down Windows Longhorn to buy your next PC? Add a Mac with the world’s most advanced operating system, Mac OS X Tiger to your computing arsenal today! Don’t forget that if you’re switching from Windows to Mac or adding a Mac, you can save a good amount by asking to ‘crossgrade’ your software.

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  1. With the amount of time, effort and money expended in securing my Win2003 Enterprise Server, I can well believe that many will NOT be in a hurry to start fresh with a new model. I am afraid to install Microsoft Service packs for the fear that they will undermine the delicate equilibrium I’ve finally been able to establish on my server.

  2. I am sure that Microsofts upcoming release of Longhorn will spark far more interest than is being speculated.
    If the feel and look of the longhorn beta are retained, people are going to have the same amount of excitement as Tiger has generated. It is a slick OS, and while they have yanked a few of the features out, you can bet that they are going to put everything theyve got into this release.
    Tiger has GOT to be making them nervous though – it will be very difficult, though not impossible, to outshine this beautiful work.
    Considering longtime Windows OS users like me have not switched perse, but are now trying, and LOVING, the Mac experience, they are going to have to pull out all the stops to retain users.
    In the meantime, Mac should try and get as much crossover sales as possible, Windows users will be absolutely astounded at the quality of this OS. It is a beautiful thing.
    However, I do think Apple could do a lot more to promote this – more advertising etc. For now, time is on their side.
    Microsoft has a great marketing machine and will use it as well when longhorn is released, Im just saying Apple could pick up a lot more users if they revved their marketing up to match.

  3. I can’t imagine the utter ignorance that awaits in 2007..


    *shall I grind my teeth for 2 years awaiting that question..?

  4. “Microsoft has to keep its new operating system compatible with its older software”

    Because in spite of their purchase of Connectix, the concept of virtual machines is still over M$’s collective heads.

    MDN Magic Word: “between”, as in M$ is stuck between a Tiger and a hard place.

  5. “Aside from the Apollo mission to the moon, Microsoft is facing the greatest software engineering feat in history.'”

    Wrong, this shit isn’t rocket science. Give your head shake.

    Just copy whatever the hell Apple has done (less the usability and reliability), re-brand it and shovel it to the masses.

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  6. Taining, training, training. Apple needs to get IT tech staff onto training programmes to get them up to speed servicing corporate Apple Mac IT solutions..

    Common Apple. Your time has arrived.

  7. I think Windows XP users have a right to ask why must the be forced to buy a new PC so they can run Longhorn just to get “security” when they were promised that with the release of XP with much fanfare and hyperbole.

    A company is reaching the bottom of the barrel when their own shortcomings and inadequacies become its marketing virtues.

    Windows’ lack of security: It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!

  8. “‘It has to create something new while keeping some of the old. Aside from the Apollo mission to the moon, Microsoft is facing the greatest software engineering feat in history.'”

    This is like.

  9. I have no idea know who Rob Enderlie is – those were just my thoughts – which I believe I am entitled to. Sorry if I offended anyone. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”gulp” style=”border:0;” />

  10. Tiger Rocks!

    Thank you for the kind testimonial. You sound like you have some solid experience and creditials. I suspect no offense was given. The responding post may have just been a bit ambiguous, a reference to some sly amusement among many on this site. Hope it did not give you offense. Welcome to the Mac experience! We can now start looking forward to the next big cat in about 18 months!

  11. The last Apollo mission was launched before M$ was founded; M$ didn’t have anything to do with it.

    Maybe that’s why we successully got to the Moon. And back.

  12. When Longhorn ships, that could signal the end for Apple. What will their advantage be then? Since Apple never promotes OSX, so I guess they have already thrown in the towel.

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