Apple again approaching $3 trillion market value

Apple on Monday, January 3, 2022 became the first company in world history to hit the $3 trillion market value milestone. After surging 35% this year, the company is again approaching a market value of $3 trillion.

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Ryan Vlastelica for Bloomberg News:

The stock has soared 35% this year, adding nearly $690 billion in market value, as investors have flocked to the iPhone maker’s steady revenue and massive cash flows. The advance has put Apple within striking distance of its January 2022 record.

“In my career, I never envisioned a company of this size, but then I never envisioned a company capable of generating more than $100 billion in free cash flow in a year,” said Patrick Burton, a portfolio manager of the MainStay Winslow Large Cap Growth Fund, which owns nearly 4.5 million shares of the Cupertino, California-based firm, as of the latest data. “When you look at the underlying metrics, it’s understandable why Apple has done so well.”

Apple and other technology behemoths have been market standouts this year as investors have gravitated to companies with the biggest scale while staring down risks from a potential recession, bank failures and now a US debt-ceiling standoff. It’s a favorite stock for institutional investors, hedge funds, retail investors, and Warren Buffett.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple $3 trillion market value is merely a waypoint to $4 trillion and beyond.

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    1. BOB maybe could have phrased it better, but he’s talking about AAPL’s dividend payout, which remains discouragingly low. Currently at $0.24 a quarter or $0.96 a year, I doubt raising the quarterly payout by a mere penny would entice more people to buy the stock. If, on the other hand, BOB meant quadrupling the dividend to $1.00 per quarter, that might be something. It would still be low compared to how much Apple is putting into share buybacks, but it would be a step toward striking a better balance between them. If AAPL tried for a dividend of just 1% of the stock price, it would be in the neighborhood of $1.75 a year or about $0.44 a quarter. Hardly a stretch for the world’s most valuable company. But a dividend in the 2-3% range would be more like it, and not unheard of in dividend land. After all, the company’s profits are supposed to be shared with the people who own the company — the shareholders.

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