You can run every version of Classic Mac OS right in your browser

You don’t need to fire up that old Mac to experience Classic Mac OS anymore. No more emulators and ROMs. No, it’s much easier now since you can boot up every major release of Mac OS from the 1980s and ’90s right in your web browser.

Mac OS 7.6 was released on January 7, 1997
Mac OS 7.6 was released on January 7, 1997

D. Griffin Jones for Cult of Mac:

To try it yourself, go to, a project run by software engineer Mihai Parparita. There, you can browse through all the major revisions of the Macintosh System Software (and, later, Mac OS). Some helpful text will guide you through the various operating systems’ major features if you’re not familiar with them.

Click Customize to pick which Mac you want to emulate. You can run up to 1996’s System 7.5.5 on the tiny black-and-white Macintosh SE. Or you can pretend you’re the king of the office with the powerful and colorful Macintosh II.

It comes with a bunch of apps and games preinstalled, giving you hours of entertainment. You can take a look at early versions of Photoshop, build delightfully ’90s-looking 3D scenes in KPT Bryce and revisit classic games like Another World, SimCity, Lemmings, Civilization and more.

MacDailyNews Take: It works very well and we love the ability to quickly dip back into the pre-Mac OS X world of system extensions, the Chooser, and more!

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  1. But does it emulate the frequent system freezes, the two minute boot times as extension icons loaded across the screen, and the lack of any type of multi tasking?

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