GM plans to phase out Apple CarPlay in EVs in favor of Google Automotive

General Motors plans to phase out widely-used Apple CarPlay and Android Auto technologies that allow drivers to bypass a vehicle’s infotainment systems, shifting instead to an built-in infotainment system, Google Automotive, for future electric vehicles.

The next generation of CarPlay goes even further by deeply integrating with a car’s hardware, providing content for multiple screens within the vehicle.
The next generation of CarPlay goes even further by deeply integrating with a car’s hardware, providing content for multiple screens within the vehicle.

Joseph White for Reuters:

GM’s decision to stop offering those systems in future electric vehicles, starting with the 2024 Chevrolet Blazer, could help the automaker capture more data on how consumers drive and charge EVs.

The decision to phase out CarPlay smartphone projection technology is a setback for Apple Inc in the competition with Google to capture more real estate on vehicle dashboards in North America. GM’s Chevrolet brand in the past boasted of offering more models with CarPlay or Android Auto than any other brand.

GM has been working with Google since 2019 to develop the software foundations for infotainment systems that will be more tightly integrated with other vehicle systems such as GM’s Super Cruise driver assistant. The automaker is accelerating a strategy for its EVs to be platforms for digital subscription services.

“We do believe there are subscription revenue opportunities for us,” Kummer said. GM Chief Executive Mary Barra is aiming for $20 billion to $25 billion in annual revenue from subscriptions by 2030.

MacDailyNews Take: General Motors simply moves even further out of consideration for future purchases.

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    1. Never gonna EFFIN’ buy a GM. These A-HOLES at GM are obviously Google Maniancs – they can EFF the EFF RIGHT OFF with this sort of AC-like MORONIC behavior. I will NEVER buy a GM – and never have in the past either. What a bunch of A-HOLES!

  1. Sounds benign, but….

    “could help the automaker capture more data on how consumers drive and charge EVs.”

    Data this, data that…we need more data and driving and charging is a good ave for more.

    1. I’m in the process of buying a new car. Apple CarPlay is a must for me. GM doesn’t seem to realize that customers with an affinity to Apple products are more likely to spend more money.

      1. its true that google makes bloated copy cat spyware fronting as software but Apple’s hands aren’t clean. Apple is kind of a traitor to customers and the free world by enabling and partnering with the most evil and criminal government imaginable. How apple can sweep over 1 million ethic minorities in slave labor camps, systemic ethic genocide of Uyghur Turkic ethnic minorities in the northwestern region of Xinjiang via forced sterilization and forced abortions,.

        And least we forget forced organ harvesting in CCP occupied China targeting minorities, including Falun Gong practitioners, aTibetans, Muslims and Christians

        The PRC is harvesting and trafficking forcibly acquired organs. Falun Gong practitioners have been the primary victims of this cruel practice, and there are now allegations that imprisoned Uyghurs and other ethnic and religious minorities are also victims….

        Yet this very week Tim Cook was parading across the CCP’s China Development Forum striking up new investments and praising the CCP for being such a great partner. meanwhile back at home in the usa, Apple preaches to the use about the USA’s tainted past and the moral responsibility to correct systematic racism. How is slavery from the 18th century more of an issue to a company then slavery in 2023? Could profitability have an influence on which moral high ground Apple will pop up its P.R. tent on ?

        Apple is about changing the world !

  2. All of the domestics have always had the crappiest interfaces. I can’t imagine them doing them very well now. I can’t stand not having CarPlay and it would make me look at other vehicles.

    1. Wasn’t Apple also finishing up development on an auto OS that completely takes over the car? I’m leaning towards the harder line of Apple possibly not allowing car OEMs to skin the OS as one of the reasons GM went with Google’s Automobile OS.

  3. To the morrrrrrons at GM…..guess Google SEARCH doesn’t work in your offices. If you bothered to look you will see that BMW tried to charge for AppleCarPlay and had to cancel it.

    By elimination of CarPlay and the “on your phone” security it provides you will simply anger your potential customers and incent them to look elsewhere.

    NO CarPlay will be another incentive NOT TO BUY A GM VEHICLE…..!!!!

    1. Very easy to answer. We’d all be glad the Google virus is eliminated from a car, and we’d make an effort to support GM. Pretty simple stuff. Google are an evil bunch of fkkkkkers

  4. Imagine these companies started putting ads in your car like on your phone. Get a discount to run a 30 second ad? eh, no. in 5 years every time you stop at a light, the car will run some annoying ass ad you can’t skip and the company’s excuse is that YOU accepted it buying the car to get a “discount”. in the 80’s you got Japanese cars that was reliable, fuel efficient, affordable and worked. Jump in and go. Now That doesn’t exist, You can’t fix anything because that’s a degree to get to understand electronics and code, you signed a secret contract and not allowed to repair your car yourself and THEY make the car insanely complicated that it doesn’t need to be. THEY Designed the whole car industry to Make money at every point of the cars journey. Why? if One company comes around and makes something simple, easy and affordable, Think They would sell more cars? Hmm…

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