Apple adds new ‘Voice Isolation’ feature for cellular calls

The the forthcoming iOS 16.4, Apple is adding a new Voice Isolation feature for cellular calls expanding on the Voice Isolation and Wide Spectrum modes already offered in FaceTime. In the current iOS 16.4 beta, Wide Spectrum mode is not available for cellular calls.

Apple adds new 'Voice Isolation' feature for cellular calls

José Adorno for BGR:

This feature was made available with the Release Candidate version of iOS 16.4 – a nice last addition before the update is out to all users. With that, when Apple releases the software, users will be able to “prioritize their voices and block out ambient noise around them” during calls when enabling Voice Isolation.

Here’s how to do it:
1. After starting a phone call with someone, open the iPhone’s Control Center;
2. Tap Mic Mode;
3. Choose the Voice Isolation option.

With this mode enabled, the iPhone will block out external sounds to focus on your voice. It means people around you, wind, or the traffic buzz won’t disturb you during a call. This works extremely well with wireless earbuds, such as the AirPods, as they tend to be more sensitive to outside noises.

MacDailyNews Take: Your iPhone just keeps getting better, for free! iOS 16.4 is widely expected to be release soon, so iPhone users will be able to enjoy better cellular call quality with the Voice Isolation feature.

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  1. So, when I bought AirPod Pros, I completely believed that voice isolation or call noise reduction would be a no-brainer, an already-included feature, as I believed that was a feature on phone tech for years, and Apple does best usually.

    Well kudos on Apple for making me think this way, because they won my dollars.

    But then I learn from people I’m talking to that a quiet Starbucks “is really loud”, a conversation nearby is really obvious, and I sound like I’m in a bird sanctuary when I’m walking outdoors.

    A welcome feature, but a clear miss in product building.

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