Why smart people choose Macs over Windows PCs

There are several reasons why smart people might choose to use Macs over Windows PCs. Macs have long been associated with creative professionals, but in recent years, they have become increasingly popular among a wide range of users.

Mac Studio front (top image) and rear
Mac Studio front (top image) and rear

Here are some of the reasons why smart people might choose Macs over Windows PCs:

User Experience: One of the biggest advantages of using a Mac is the user experience. Apple has always placed a high priority on design, and this is evident in the interface of the Mac operating system, macOS. The macOS interface is sleek, intuitive, and easy to navigate, making it a pleasure to use. Apple’s attention to detail is evident in even the smallest aspects of the user experience, such as the smooth animations and transitions.

• Security: Macs are known for their strong security features. Because Macs have a smaller market share than Windows PCs, they are less of a target for malware and other security threats. Additionally, the macOS operating system is designed to be more secure by default, with features such as Gatekeeper, which only allows apps from trusted developers to run on your Mac.

• Integration with Apple Ecosystem: Many smart people who use Apple products, such as iPhones and iPads, appreciate the seamless integration between devices. For example, with macOS, you can easily make phone calls and send text messages from your Mac, and access your iCloud documents from any device. This integration can make it easier to stay organized and productive across all your devices.

• Quality Hardware: Apple is known for producing high-quality hardware, with attention to detail in both design and construction. Macs are built to last, with durable aluminum bodies, high-quality displays, and reliable components. Additionally, Apple’s customer support is known for being helpful and responsive, providing peace of mind for users.

Creative Tools: Macs have long been associated with creative professionals, and for good reason. The Mac is the platform of choice for many creatives, from graphic designers to video editors to musicians. This is due in part to the availability of creative software on macOS, such as Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro. Additionally, the Mac’s high-quality display and color accuracy make it an ideal platform for visual work.

Resale Value: Like iPhones and iPads, Macs hold their value much better than Windows PCs. When the time comes to sell or trade in your Mac, you’ll get a lot more for it than you would for a Dell, HP, Lenovo, or any other Windows PC.

MacDailyNews Take: The reasons why smart people choose to Macs over Windows PCs are myriad. Macs offer a sleek and intuitive user experience, strong security features, seamless integration with the Apple ecosystem, high-quality hardware, access to creative tools, and strong resale value.

These factors make Macs a compelling choice for many users, especially those who smartly value performance, ease-of-use, design, security, and productivity.

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  1. “ When the time comes to sell or trade in your Mac, you’ll get a lot more for it than you would for a Dell, HP, Lenovo, or any other Windows PC.”

    Unless, of course, you trade it in to Apple for a new Mac. Then all bets are off.

  2. Microsoft strives to perfect mediocrity at all costs. It’s quite an amazing thing to see repeated year after year. Humanity is not Microsoft’s thing, they’ve had to reach over to the artificial to even try and get a spark of interest compared with Google.

    Google are also supreme a-holes but they’re a lot more likeable than Microsoft.

  3. It seems that this article presumptuously articulates that whomever doesn’t use a Mac is unintelligent. I know plenty of people that may be intellectually challenged that use a Mac / PC and plenty of extremely intelligent people that by preference have chosen one over the other. Maybe the article is really just about one specific person.

  4. This is the lowest level a fanboy can go.
    I haven’t come across such a stupid and arrogant article in a long time.
    According to your logic it is also possible to reverse your arguments, let’s see.

    I’m not wise if I choose a Mac because I lose all my investment in software and plug-ins that I still have from the 32-bit era.

    I’m not smart if I choose a Mac and give up compatibility of PCI cards I have from third party brands.

    I’m not smart if I choose a Mac and give up the ability to upgrade my computer.

    I am not wise if I choose a Mac and give up the huge variety of video games that the PC has to offer.

    I’m not smart if I choose a Mac and give up learning and gaining experience on Linux operating systems.

    I’m not smart if I choose a Mac and give up the performance of 13th generation Intel processors and NVIDIA 4000 series cards that support real-time RAY TRACING.

    I am not wise if I choose a Mac and lose a lot of money because a PC at half the price gives more value and performance for the money.

    Now you understand who is not the smart one here…

  5. Such an the offensive load of nonsense! I’m very smart. I love my iPads. I love my iPhone. I’ve never liked Mac OS and it’s just a personal thing. To each their own, ya know? I use Windows PCs and never had any problems that MDN harped on for past 2 decades.

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