Apple’s M2 Pro Mac mini destroys Intel-handicapped Mac Pro

Apple’s Mac Pro, the only Intel-handicapped Intel Mac left, get destroyed by a 2.8-pound (1.28 kg) M2 Pro Mac mini as seen in a new video from YouTube channel Max Tech.

With M2 and the all-new M2 Pro, Mac mini features faster performance and incredible connectivity, while delivering even more value.
With M2 and the all-new M2 Pro, Mac mini features faster performance and incredible connectivity, while delivering even more value.

Intel is hemorrhaging market share to Apple Silicon and even AMD for a reason.

Alex Blake for DigitalTrends:

Almost every test was a cakewalk for the Mac mini, as it beat the Mac Pro in everything from video exporting to Xcode compiling. Even in the few tests where the Mac Pro was able to pull ahead, things were far closer than you would expect.

It’s made even worse when you consider the price of the machines that were tested. Max Tech’s Mac Pro was a high-spec version with an Afterburner card and top-notch graphics card, bringing its price to $14,999. The Mac mini, meanwhile, had an M2 Pro chip and 32GB of memory, which cost $2,299 in total — just 15% of the Mac Pro’s price.

Yet for just a fraction of the cost, the Mac mini decimated the Mac Pro. For example, when creating an HDR image in Adobe Photoshop, the Mac mini was 47% faster. Compiling an Xcode project took the Mac mini 70 seconds compared to the Mac Pro’s 125 seconds. Time and again, the smaller, cheaper computer came out on top.

MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, Apple’s Mac Pro won’t be Intel-handicapped for too much longer.

The M2 Mac mini is a crazy, tremendous value! The M2 Pro Mac mini offers remarkable performance in a teeny package!MacDailyNews, January 17, 2023

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  1. wrong title ! should be Apple’s M2 Pro Mac mini beats apple handicapped Mac Pro. Lets be honest. Apple is using 4 year old intel processor, when their are much faster intel and AMD processors made today. Apple has a history of using outdate technology to maximize profits and simply logistics.

    But even with 4 year old intel processor the M2 pro is still slower then old intel processors on brute force computing power.

    multicore 3D render speed

    Apple Mac Pro 28-Core (2019)
    Intel Xeon W-3275M @ 2.50 GHz

    Apple MacBook Pro 14″ M2 Pro 12-CPU 19-GPU (2023)
    Apple M2 Pro (12 Core) @ 3.50 GHz

    So for serous computing power a 4 year old intel Mac destroy’s the fastest M2 pro.

    And since they brought up price/performance a new intel i9-13900K is a 540.00 CPU but scores 37,624 on R23 cinebench while the M2 Pro scores a 14,850

    Its kinda unfair to say the intel Mac pro is intel handicapped when if fact its Apple handicap. Apple could really design a Mac Pro using the latest intel or better yet, Apple could make an AMD thread ripper workstation.

    It’s important that the Mac pro community stop “lying” for apple and hold their feet to the fire. Apple will always turn out sub par machines as long as we keep buying this BS. Reality is macs are slow and relatively getting slower.

    Apple has the better OS and more consistent design aesthetic but current Mac’s are basically running mobile chips better suited for tablets and laptops where battery usage is top priority.

    1. “mobile chips better suited for tablets and laptops where battery usage is top priority.”

      Nonsense. I make my living in photo and video production and my Mac Studio does just fine for high end work. And yes, I run a PC as well.

      1. photo and video production is metaphorical child’s play computational speaking compared 3D real-time rendering, physical simulations and virtual production. Heck both Photoshop and Davinci Resolve both now run on iPad so yes your Mac Studio is powered by a CPU to run mobil apps.

        But how’s virtual production working out on Mac OSX ? What solution does the Mac offer driving LED volumes ? What GPU on the Mac do use for multi-display sync ? How’s the native version of Unreal 5.1 nanite and lumen working on the Mac. Sorry, I forgot, that’s not supported or approved to work on a Mac.

        The largest shift in content production in fifty years is taking place and Apple’s users are locked out because Apple is to bull headed and greedy to create a professional platform that works with common industry standards.

  2. Everyone who Spent the $15k probably Cursing Apple about that. However I have to say, Apple has Designed their new products to be limited for planned obsolescence for their own profit. a 15 year old PC running linux is fully capable of doing normal stuff and continue to. Apple has planned to cut features of the OS to force people to upgrade. Lame.

    1. Using G-4 iMac (lampshade) in my business still. All my others are at least 10 years old. Still no problem. However, my point of sale provider makes me upgrade my windows server every 5 years (hopefully only 5 years.)
      I will admit the iMacs are getting long in the tooth now.

    2. I have old Macs that still run great but forced obsoletion is a real thing. I imagine they have a table that outlines a product’s road map to excitation. And since most all software is now leased this will be an every increasing problem.

      You will own nothing and be happy

  3. Let’s really be honest. Put a lovely AMD 6800XT in the Mac Pro and watch it spank that pathetic M2 chip. The M2chip is a great CPU, but it’s not even a middlingly good GPU.

    Everyone disingenuously skips over the part where the AMD 6800xt doubles the metal performance of the top end M2, conveniently. They tout some bs cherry picked apple benchmark that is in la la land.

    Serious 3d pros laugh at the M2. Sad fact is the old 5,1cheese grater Mac with the 6800xt trounces the M2max in graphics/3d performance.

    This is not to even mention the 6800duo, the 6900, or the 7900 series, or the even way faster Nvidia cards.

  4. Apple could design workstation/desktop level CPUs and GPUs. Heck they all use the same fab TSMC. But apple has figured out it’s much more profitable to use slower mobile CPUs and GPUs, cherry pick a few benchmarks, obscure the results with data on power usage, and have fancy marketing that hides the reality that Apple pro hardware is slow.

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